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ActionHeat 7V Women's Everyday Heated Gloves

Watch Video for ActionHeat 7V Women's Everyday Heated GlovesActionHeat 7V Women's Everyday Heated GlovesActionHeat 7V Women's Everyday Heated GlovesActionHeat 7V Women's Everyday Heated GlovesActionHeat 7V Women's Everyday Heated GlovesActionHeat 7V Women's Everyday Heated GlovesActionHeat 7V Women's Everyday Heated GlovesActionHeat 7V Women's Everyday Heated GlovesActionHeat 7V Women's Everyday Heated GlovesActionHeat 7V Women's Everyday Heated Gloves

ActionHeat 7V Women's Everyday Heated Gloves

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ActionHeat 7V Everyday Women’s Gloves

The Everyday Heated Gloves from ActionHeat for Women are powered by a 7 volt battery, so your fingers and hands stay warm for up to 5+ hours! When you need a heated glove for those everyday tasks, such as walking the dog, running errands, watching your favorite sports outdoors, or whenever you want to keep your hands warm, the Women’s Action Heat 7 Volt Everyday Gloves are perfect. Don’t get caught out in the cold; wear the ActionHeat Women’s Heated Everyday Gloves!


  1. Fully charge battery packs

  2. Plug batteries into gloves

  3. Press and hold button on gloves to turn on

  4. Press button again to select heat level


  • Lightweight and comfortable

  • Powered by two ultra-slim 7.4 volt 2,200 mAh rechargeable Li-poly batteries

  • Batteries fit neatly into discreet and easy-to-access pocket on back of the glove

  • Touch-button temperature control with 3 heat settings

  • Heats entire length of each finger as well as the thumb and back of the hand

Material Content:

  • Heating system made of ultra-fine composite fiber built-in to evenly distribute hours of heat

Estimated Heating Time:

  • High (Red): 150F - 2+ Hours

  • Medium (White): 130F - 3+ Hours

  • Low (Blue): 110F - 5+ Hours


  • (2) ActionHeat Everyday Gloves

  • (2) Rechargeable 7V Batteries

  • (1) Dual Charger

  • (1) Instruction Manual

What makes ActionHeat different than the other heated brands is its unique 5V powerbank technology it uses in many of its products.  With a patented signal technology, it allows for any 5V battery to be used with certain garments. This allows for unlimited battery options and gives you more options!

ActionHeat Battery Heated Gear was created by some of the brightest minds in the heated clothing industry.  With years of experience specializing in heating clothing, the ActionHeat team put together all the attributes they saw work in this category and created this high quality line of products.  

ActionHeat battery heated apparel utilizes innovative technology designed to warm the core body temperature.  These revolutionary garments feature built-in heating panels and are made with Action-Flex material that provides lightweight warmth, comfort and versatility.

ActionHeat heated garments use FAR infared heating and ActionWave heat reflective technology to deliver hours of heat and comfort.  ActionHeat allows you to stay warming and enjoy outdoor winter activities longer than ever before!

ActionHeat Warranty

Electrical Components of the Garments:

When you purchase an ActionHeat heated garment from an authorized ActionHeat retailer within the United States, the electrical components of the garments are warranties to be free from factory defects in materials and workmanship for a period of (90) ninety days.

Garment Materials & Construction:

All non-electrical components of the garment are warranted to be free from factory defects in materials and workmanship for a period of (90) ninety days from the date of the initial purchase. If there is anything wrong with the sewing or materials of an ActionHeat product that was caused by manufacturer’s defect the product will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of ActionHeat at no charge. *Shipping and handling fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Battery and Charger:

ActionHeat power packs are under warranty from factory defects for (90) ninety days from the initial purchase. ActionHeat will repair or replace any power packs found to be defective under normal use within the (90) ninety-day warranty period.

Warranty Exclusions:

Any damage caused to any ActionHeat item by misuse, abuse, improper care, accident, normal wear, and tear, or the natural breakdown of materials over an extended period of time and use are not covered by this warranty.

Any alterations or repairs (attempted or otherwise) performed on any ActionHeat item voids any and all warranties offered by ActionHeat for that particular item. *Warranty applies only to the original purchaser and only for the products purchased directly from an ActionHeat Dealer.

Care & Usage

Garment Care:

We recommend spot cleaning only for the safety of all ActionHeat items. Many of the ActionHeat items are machine washable if needed. These items include jackets, vests, base layers, hats, and balaclavas. Please read all the product manuals and instructions before washing.

Note: NEVER wash your batteries.

Note: We do not recommend to machine wash any of the heated gloves. 

Note: You can machine wash the ActionHeat socks in the provided mesh wash bag. 

ActionHeat Machine Washing instructions:

  1. Before washing, place all wires in pockets and fasten all zippers
  2. Wash separately from all other pieces of clothing
  3. Use mild detergent only. Do not use fabric softeners
  4. Machine wash with cold water on gentle cycle
  5. DO NOT put in the dryer, iron, or dry clean. Lay flat to dry


1. Be certain to use your power pack with an ActionHeat product with an Amp rating less than the maximum capacity output rating for the power pack. For instance, if each of the power packs has a maximum capacity output rating of (2) two Amps then they should not be used with heated products that draw more than (2) two Amps. Please check your products Amp draw before connecting the batteries to the power packs. Failure to do so can overheat the battery causing damage.

2. The recommended power setting of 50% is sufficient for temperatures between 50-64F. For temperatures below 50F, you will want to use the 75% or 100% settings. It is not recommended to use the 100% power setting for a long time as it may cause overheating and/or bodily discomfort.

Storage & Warnings:

1. It is important to maintain at least 25% of your battery power when not in use. Failure to do so will result in performance problems and reduced battery life.

2. Disconnect the power bank from the garment when not in use because even when it is turned off, the garment will continue to slowly drain power from the power bank.

3. Our power bank is similar to a typical

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86% Recommend this product (6 of 7 responses)
By Loretta
ActionHeat 7v Gloves
April 16, 2023
I work in freezers everyday and these gloves are great. They keep my hands warm and last for most of my shift on high. I recommend these gloves for anyone who has a problem with the cold

By Rhoni R.
New Iyork
Didn’t last long!
January 6, 2023
I got my heated gloves less than 30 days ago. This morning I put them on & the left one will not turn on. There is nothing wrong with the battery, The problem is in the wiring. I will be returning them today!
By Jay
Lincoln, NE
7V Woman’s
December 18, 2022
My wife loves them
By Douglas S.
Heat well
March 6, 2022
Work well keep warm, no issues
By Maggie E.
Save your hands!
March 18, 2021
I was tired of my hands freezing while riding my bicycle when the mercury dips into the 30s, so I bought these gloves. They are bulkier than I'm used to for cycling, but that hasn't been a problem. So far, my only quibble is that the battery life isn't all that long. But they've definitely been a lifesaver.