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Herbal Heat and Cold Packs

For soothing pain relief after a long day at work, The Warming Store has you covered with our aromatherapy herbal packs. Completely natural and filled with a variety of healing herbs for relaxation and relief, herbal packs can be microwaved for heat relief or frozen for cold therapy.

Aromatherapy herb packs have been trusted by millions for fast pain relief on muscles or joints. With The Warming Store selection of herbal hot and cold packs , you are sure to find the best solution for shoulder pain, sinus relief or other pain and stiffness issues. For muscle relaxation and stress relief, simply heat the herbal pack in the microwave and place it on the targeted area. The herbal therapy pack can also be kept frozen and used to reduce swelling, muscle spasms, and bruising.

From slippers, pillows, shoulder wraps, and more, browse The Warming Store selection of aromatherapy herbal therapy packs for relief from aches and pains.