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Ice Cleats for Shoes and Boots

Ice Cleats provide instant traction on ice, snow, and mud keeping you safe from the most common winter weather injuries. We have a wide variety of screw on and slip on ice cleats to work with your existing boots or shoes. Like all of our products, we are happy to offer the best brands of ice cleats including, YakTrax, Stabilicers ice cleats, Due North, 32 North, Kahtoola, IceTrekkers, Korkers, Get-A-Grip, Ice Spikes & South Bend. These quality brands are readily available and at prices that won’t make your wallet go cold.

In addition to our everyday ice cleats for shoes and boots, we have a variety of cleats for specific activities. You’ll find slip on ice cleats for running, hiking, and for extreme activities in addition to everyday use ice cleats. If you aren’t sure what cleats you need, contact us and our staff will be happy to help. We guarantee you’ll get the best pair of ice cleats for shoes and boots that fit your needs at The Warming Store! Shop all ice cleats below before things get icy!
Ice Cleats | The Warming Store

Maximize Safety and Stability with Ice Cleats

Tackle icy conditions with confidence using our selection of top-quality ice cleats. Designed for anyone who faces slippery winter environments, ice cleats provide enhanced traction and stability on ice and snow to help prevent slips, falls and injury. Ice Traction Cleats and Traction Boots are perfect for outdoor workers, winter sports enthusiasts, and anyone navigating icy streets or trails. Whether you're shoveling snow, going for a winter hike, or simply walking to work on a frosty morning, ice cleats are an essential accessory for winter safety.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Cleats

How Effective Are Ice Cleats in Preventing Slips?

Ice cleats are highly effective in increasing traction on icy and snowy surfaces. They are designed with materials and patterns specifically crafted to grip onto the slick ground, significantly reducing the risk of slips and falls in winter conditions.

Can Ice Cleats Fit Over Any Type of Shoe or Boot?

Most ice cleats are designed to be versatile and can easily fit over a wide range of footwear, from casual shoes to bulky winter boots. It's important to select the correct size and follow the manufacturer's instructions for the best fit.

Are Ice Cleats Easy to Use?

Yes, ice cleats are designed for ease of use to slip right on your existing footwear. They can be quickly attached or removed, making them convenient for transitioning between indoor and outdoor environments.

How Durable Are Ice Cleats?

The durability of ice cleats depends on the design, material, and frequency of use. Our selection includes high-quality options designed for longevity and consistent performance in harsh winter conditions.