Heated Mittens

Check out our selection of battery heated mittens! These great hand warmers are perfect for skiing, walking the dog, tailgating, and any cold-weather activity.
About Heated Mittens Keep your hands warm with our selection of battery heated mittens. Offering unmatched warmth utilizing built-in heating elements, they are powered by small portable battery packs to keep your fingers warm and comfortable in cold weather conditions. Frequently Asked Questions Do Heated Mittens Really work? YES! This is a great way to actively warm your hands, offering superior warmth compared to regular gloves. This makes them ideal for extremely cold conditions . How Long Do The Batteries Last? Battery life varies depending on the model and settings used, but as a rule of thumb most will last for 2 hours on the highest heat setting. Many of our customers purchase extra battery packs to provide warmth on longer outdoor adventures. Are Heated Mittens Safe to Wear? Yes, when used according to the manufacturer’s guidelines they are very safe. Most brands include safety features to prevent overheating and are designed to provide a steady, comfortable level of warmth.