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Gobi Heat Heated Jackets & Clothing

Gobi Heat makes premium heated clothing for the outdoor enthusiast. Named for the Gobi Desert, the Gobi Heat jackets, Gobi Heat gloves, Gobi Heat vests, and Gobi Heat work gear are among the finest made. Gobi apparel use rechargeable batteries that are sleek and powerful. Harness the heat of the desert with Gobi Heat Heated Apparel.
Gobi Heat® is a 100% female owned heated apparel company headquartered in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Run by a team of experts, Gobi Heat is leading the charge in the heated apparel industry, delivering powerful heated apparel in functional fits and designs. By offering some of the most versatile styles, sizes, and heating capabilities for men and women in the industry, we’re confident everyone can find cold-weather gear to transform the way they work and play in the cold. Why "Gobi"? Gobi Heat is proudly named after the vast Gobi Desert straddling both Mongolia and China. With temperatures ranging from 122ºF in the summer to as low as -27ºF in the winter, the Gobi desert serves to remind us of the importance of being prepared for anything and everything that comes our way. Much like its namesake, Gobi Heat® strives for ongoing growth and evolution. Gobi Heat Mission Our mission at Gobi Heat® is to provide warmth and comfort through heated clothing for all needs. Whether enjoying the outdoors, working outside in the cold or just looking to get a little more cozy indoors, we’ve got the heated apparel to deliver the right amount of warmth for every situation the moment you need it. One-Year Warranty Just like anything in life, sometimes you have to expect the unexpected and things don’t go as planned. That’s why we’ve committed every heated apparel item we make to a 1-year warranty where we’ve got you covered.