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Sidas Ski Heat LV Sock Set Powered by Therm-ic PowerSock S-Pack 1200

Sidas Ski Heat LV Sock Set Powered by Therm-ic PowerSock S-Pack 1200Sidas Ski Heat LV Sock Set Powered by Therm-ic PowerSock S-Pack 1200Sidas Ski Heat LV Sock Set Powered by Therm-ic PowerSock S-Pack 1200Sidas Ski Heat LV Sock Set Powered by Therm-ic PowerSock S-Pack 1200Sidas Ski Heat LV Sock Set Powered by Therm-ic PowerSock S-Pack 1200

Sidas Ski Heat LV Sock Set Powered by Therm-ic PowerSock S-Pack 1200

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Powered heat socks, provide optimal comfort and warmth during your sporting activities, with a very good fit!

This heated sock is designed for skiers who suffer from cold feet. An invisible heating element on the outside of the sock gives off a soft and constant heat under the front of the foot for optimal comfort. Natural wool combined with technical fibres ensure temperature regulation and effective sweat wicking. This compressive sock also gives you greater sensation and precision when you practise your sport.


  • 2 Thicknesses LV/MV: Available in low or medium volume to adapt to your foot & shoe fit
  • Heating Elements: Distributes gentle, constant and uniform warmth
  • Knee Length: Adapted to ski boots
  • Hybrid Composition: Regulates temperature & wicks away perspiration effectively
  • Firm Fit 15-20 mmHg: Greater precision & sensation

The S-Pack 1200 is the most common battery used by our customers, making it the most popular among thousands of winter sports enthusiasts:

  • Warm feet for up to 14 hours
  • Pack comes with a USB charger
  • Wall charger not supplied S-Pack batteries are suitable for use with the Therm-ic PowerSocks heated socks


Important note:

  • The S-Pack battery must be charged before using them for the first time.
  • Preparing the USB wall plug universal charger (optional).
  • Slide your country-specific adapter into the slot on the back of the charger until it locks in with an audible click.

USB cable charging process:

  • 1. Plug the USB cable into the USB port. The charge indicator (2.2) will light up green. Next, you plug the charging connectors of the cable into the batteries S-pack (2.4). Please check the illustration on the charger to ensure proper orientation. The S-Pack battery can be charged in any operating mode. The charging process will start automatically and the charge indicator (2.2) will light up in red during charging.
  • 2. Once the S-Pack batteries are fully charged, the charging process is automatically concluded and the LED on the charge indicator (2.2) will switch back to green.
  • 3. LED blinking on USB S-Pack charger between green and red when charge above 95%. LED stays green when fully charged.
  • 4. Remove both S-Pack batteries from the charging shaft.
  • 5. After the S-Pack batteries have been charged, they are automatically in POWER OFF mode.

Important note:

  • Recharge the S-Pack battery after each use. This extends the service life of the batteries and ensures that the device is always ready for use.
  • The battery consists of lithium ion cells and can be charged in any state. For this reason, the battery does not need to be fully discharged before charging.
  • When starting the charging process, the S-Pack battery can be in any operating mode (POWER OFF, IN USE).
  • The full charging capacity of the S-Pack battery can only be conserved if the S-Pack battery are removed from the charging station after the charging procedure is complete.


  • Wear the heatable sock.
  • Push the S-Pack battery on to the snap fasteners until they audibly lock into place (3.2).
  • The S-Pack battery can be controlled with button (1.3) or with a iOS and Android app (only for S-Pack Bluetooth enabled).


  • Do not allow the highest heat level to be switched on for more than a few minutes at a time. This could produce too much heat during operation, which may cause burns.
  • Always set S-Pack battery to low or moderate heat levels to maintain comfortable foot warming (heating should be almost undetectable).
  • The optimum heat output is only reached when the socks, boots or soles are dry.
  • Never used the heatable sock and the heatable insole together; this can result in too much heat - risk of burning!

Information about Therm-IC S-Pack Battery Styles:

  • S-Pack without bluetooth The S-Pack battery has 4 operating modes: POWER OFF - IN USE LEVELS 1-2-3. They are indicated with the heating level display on the S-Pack battery. The LED flashing modes corresponds to the selected heat setting.
  • S-Pack with bluetooth Using the phone App: Please refer to the Bluetooth app or www.therm-ic.com.
  • Turning the device on: Press the control button (1.3) for a long period of time (approx. 3 sec) to turn on the S-Pack battery at the lowest heat level. If the control button is pressed for too long (approx. more than 6s), the S-Pack will remain in OFF mode.

In 1975, Sidas was established by three ski instructors looking for ways to make skiers' feet more comfortable. The brand founders decided to make insoles moulded to each individual foot shape to provide more sensation and reduce discomfort inside ski boots. Not having specialised tools to hand, they moulded their first insoles with an oven dish and a cushion! The venture was a success, and so began the company's long history! Sidas then began to grow rapidly, providing comfort solutions not only for skiing but also other sports such as running, outdoor sports and cycling, and for everyday footwear too. Ten years later, in 1985, Sidas turned its attention to a new market: medical. Using Sidas technology, the company founded the Podiatech brand, offering approved foot professionals solutions for their patients' feet. For 40 years, Sidas' growth has been assured by its commitment in different areas: Innovation, Passion and performance, Commitment. Sidas provides solutions for every type of foot and every sport, every day.

Since its creation, Sidas has drawn its force from four essential values:

Innovation, Passion, Performance and Commitment.

Sidas is the ideal partner for all those wanting to offer their customers the best technology, for all foot types, for all sports, all the time.

Footprints are like fingerprints: yours are different to everyone else's. Every individual has their own unique way of walking, and SIDAS has taken the right step by creating custom-fit products that are equally unique.

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