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Thermrup Smart Heat Heated Insole App Controlled

Thermrup Smart Heat Heated Insole App Controlled

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Do you suffer from cold feet and want to feel soothing warmth? The new heated and app-controlled insoles from the Thermrup brand will free you from cold feet and provide deep warmth from heel to toe. Large-surface heating function, long heating duration and purest comfort characterize the unique insoles.

Mobile Use:

The high quality Thermrup insoles can keep your feet warm at any time, in any place and in any situation thanks to the innovative rubber heating element and the efficient energy supply by the Li-Po batteries (3000mAh). For each sole you need 1 battery, these keep the insoles and their feet constantly warm for up to 6 hours. The batteries sit in a nifty gaiter that you can attach to your leg. With a cable (70 cm long), the case is compactly connected to the sole and so you can enjoy the warmth comfortably and with maximum freedom of movement. A comfort you do not want to miss in winter.

Application & Benefits:

Do you love winter sports, work in cold rooms or outside in cold weather and want to avoid cold feet at all costs? No problem, because Thermrup insoles are a solution to every problem. Whether skiing, snowboarding or other winter sports activities, the heated insoles promise you maximum warmth and protect you from cold feet.Other efficient places of use are police service activities outdoors just as in the army or rescue services. Whether in agriculture or in the normal household - any activity that risks cold feet is protected by the unique thermal insoles warming and safe. Do something good for yourself and your health - with heated soles on cold days to get you through well.

Smart Operation Via App:

Operate your heated insoles now easily with the - Thermrup Smart Heat Duo - app, which you can download from Google Play Store Thermrup Smart Heat Duo (Android) / Apple Store Thermrup Smart Heat Duo (IOS) Free on your smartphone. Set on your smartphone their desired temperature and enjoy the heat. At any time you can monitor the battery level on the app.


  • Individual size adjustment of the insole (35-48), thickness:6mm
  • Battery-operated with 3-stage temperature controller
  • Power of the battery: 7.4V, max. 8W/DC
  • Cable length: 70cm
  • Comfortable sole that fits easily into any shoe
  • Maximum freedom of movement due to battery holder
  • Mobile use
  • Washable by hand & machine
  • Even heat distribution (18cm heating surface) from heel to toe
  • Unisex model
  • Simple and user-friendly operation
  • Current battery level visible at all times
  • Simultaneous temperature control of both insoles
  • Easy switching on and off of the heating function via app
  • Automatic Bluetooth connection after initial configuration

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