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Therm-ic Self-Heating Lobster Power Gloves

Therm-ic Self-Heating Lobster Power GlovesTherm-ic Self-Heating Lobster Power GlovesTherm-ic Self-Heating Lobster Power GlovesTherm-ic Self-Heating Lobster Power GlovesTherm-ic Self-Heating Lobster Power GlovesTherm-ic Self-Heating Lobster Power Gloves

Therm-ic Self-Heating Lobster Power Gloves

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The number one self-heating lobster gloves! The lobster design with the separate index finger gives you greater dexterity with the thumb. This makes gripping easier for skiers. Its waterproof membrane, Primaloft insulation and goat leather reinforcements will give you all the comfort you need to stay warm on the slopes!


  • These self-heating Lobster gloves keep your index finger free
  • This gives you greater grip and better dexterity with your thumb for all the demands of skiing
  • These self-heating gloves have a waterproof outer membrane to keep your hands warm and dry
  • The Primaloft layer also provides very good insulation against the cold and extra breathability for your hands
  • The lithium-ion batteries will give you up to 10 hours of warmth with 3 different levels of heating

Technical characteristics:

  • Self-heating gloves: provide 360° warmth all around the fingers for even warmth distribution and the little lightweight batteries give you up to 10 hours of heat (mode 1)
  • 3 levels of heat: select the heat you need from the 3 levels of heat. To adjust using the button on your glove
  • Dexterity: the index finger is separate from the other fingers, which gives you better dexterity and better grip, both of which are required when skiing. These gloves are designed with high-end materials to give you self-heating, breathable, robust and flexible lobster gloves
  • Leather inside: rugged goat leather palm and reinforcement on the thumb and index finger which make these gloves really sturdy
  • Waterproofness: 10K/10K waterproof membrane
  • Drawstring: adjust the fit of your gloves and never lose them again thanks to the security leash
  • Mask and nose wiper
  • USB cable: comes with the gloves so you can recharge the batteries (mains plug not included)

Battery maintenance:

  • In order to maximize the battery life, we recommend that you store them in a cool place (5°C to 20°C), after charging them halfway.
  • When you store them, the batteries must not be connected to the glove or to the USB charger.

Glove cleaning:

  • You must not machine wash these gloves
  • The drying temperature should not exceed 40°C
  • Never dry our Gloves in a tumble dryer or on the radiator
  • For optimal drying, use the Therm-ic Refresher, the Therm-ic dryer or the Therm-ic UV Warmer

Therm-ic has a long history, which began with the invention of heating systems for ski boots. Building on the developments and patented technologies of the last 20 years, our range of products now includes a variety of high-quality solutions in the field of portable heating systems, which are proven to provide warmth.

Our history begins with a declaration of love - to the world's most beautiful sport: skiing.

Imagine skiing in the mountains on a beautiful blue-sky day. Fresh powder swirls around you as you make turns down an untracked slope with the sun in your face. Everything is perfect, except for one thing: Cold feet and hands that refuse to stay warm, regardless of how much you stretch them or which high-tech materials you are wearing. It is uncomfortable, annoying, painful and it ruins a perfect experience.

The founders of Therm-ic must have had very cold feet because back in the 70s, they decided to deal with the problem.

The first steps: To begin with, they developed a heating device that spread warmth via the insole to the ski boot. A great idea, however, when the external batteries became wet, they stopped working. So, the search for a better solution continued. Over time, ideas improved and so did battery technology. The next development was a heated insole that worked as a barrier to the outside environment and wouldn't allow cold air inside of the boot. This clever invention could be used in any ski boot - or everyday shoe.

The year was 1998 and Therm-ic was born.

Cold as a catalyst: The idea created the first partnerships with big ski boot brands, and our product and brand became known to more and more customers. The insoles and people's warm feet were often an issue discussed on chairlifts and gondolas - social marketing before Facebook - but we wanted more: more knowledge, more expertise and more warmth.

In cooperation with universities and research departments, we started to get closer to the issue of cold itself: How does it begin? What effects does it have on performance, safety, coordination and balance? What health problems can occur as a result? And, most importantly, how can warmth be kept inside of the body?

Therm-ic grows: We became cold experts, and our know-how was requested more and more often. Our team started talking to people around the world, convincing brands, companies and end-consumers that there was a real solution to cold feet. Under the leadership of August Stangl, who has a long history at Therm-ic, the brand grew, export started and soon products could be found in 30 countries worldwide. Furthermore, he formed partnerships with big players in the ski, snowboard and work segment.

The growth led to many things like permanent warmth for the hands and feet, insulation for the entire body and care products. In addition to products running on batteries or via Bluetooth, we created environmentally friendly, non-electronic solutions as well.

Our portfolio consists of patented products for sports and leisure as well as working shoes. Today, Therm-ic cooperates with brands such as Rossignol, Tecnica and K2 when it comes to ski boots as well as the work shoe brand Sievi.

Being cold is now a thing of the past.

Therm-ic today: Today, we are part of the SIDAS Group, which is a worldwide leader in foot comfort solutions, with specialized products like insoles, socks and foot protection. Our know-how is the perfect addition.

In 2017, we started a major relaunch, updated our design and logo and presented new products. Now, we are ready for anything that the future brings - like new product developments and partnerships.

Therm-ic is located in Voiron, in the French Alps, and we still have at least one foot in the snow - as well as our heart and brain - with our great love for skiing.

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