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Occunomix Miracool PVA Headband

Occunomix Miracool PVA HeadbandOccunomix Miracool PVA HeadbandOccunomix Miracool PVA Headband

Occunomix Miracool PVA Headband

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Occunomix Miracool PVA Headband.


  • Long lasting cooling effects for those who work in road & building construction, landscaping & heavy manufacturing
  • Activates by water in 1 minute
  • Wear multiple ways as a headband or around the neck
  • Lower profile fit under a hard hat
  • Logo Ready

OccuNomix is a leading designer and manufacturer of personal safety equipment for people all over the world. Our products can protect you from workplace accidents and the discomforts and dangers of hot, cold or rainy environments. OccuNomix helps employers meet OSHA regulations for industrial safety. Our products are also enjoyed by millions of people engaged in sports and hobbies and are used for the relief of many types of aches and pains.

The world leader in personal heat stress prevention products with our MiraCool cooling bandanas, cooling headbands, terry headbands, disposable sponge sweatbands and phase change cooling vests. Our HotRods hard hat winter liners protect workers from cold weather. Vulcan hard hats and bump caps help keep those same heads protected from falling objects and bumps and scrapes. Occulux high visibility safety vests, coats, pants and T-shirts meet ANSI 107-2015.

Providing innovation in ergonomic supports and prevention products, OccuNomix has a broad selection of back supports and wrist supports. Our OccuMitts support gloves are perfect for the workplace, great as hobby gloves and have been used worldwide by arthritis sufferers for hand pain relief. In addition, we carry a large selection of anti-vibration gloves, mechanic's and extrication gloves and flame resistant garments.

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