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Ignik Heated Sleeping Bag Liner

Ignik Heated Sleeping Bag LinerIgnik Heated Sleeping Bag LinerIgnik Heated Sleeping Bag LinerIgnik Heated Sleeping Bag LinerIgnik Heated Sleeping Bag LinerIgnik Heated Sleeping Bag Liner

Ignik Heated Sleeping Bag Liner

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Extend the comfort range of your sleeping bag with active heating. Ignik's Heated Sleeping Bag Liner is an industry first, adding safe, controllable, and sustainable heat to any setup. Add to any sleeping bag (or on its own), with 40W of power and a max temp of 140-degrees F, easily adds 20-degrees to your bag's comfort range.


  • 2 - RCS HeatZone
  • Sleeps 1
  • Output - 40w
  • Max Temp - 140F | 60C
  • Power Requirements 12v or 5v
  • Standard Connector 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel
  • Included Adapters 5v USB-A Adapter
  • Dimensions - 31in x 72in | 79cm X 182cm
  • Weight 1.2lbs | 556g
  • Stuff Sack

For Use With 5v And 12v Rechargeable Batteries & Power Supplies.

Great For:

  • Outdoor Chairs & Bleachers
  • Tailgating Outdoor Rec
  • Extra Sleeping Bag Heat
  • Cold Weather Hunting

Radiant Carbon Strand Technology

Ignik's Heated Sleep System is engineered to be an easy to use, safe, and re-usable heat source, with its patent-pending 3-Layer RCS Technology.The perfect accessory for all your outdoor recreation and adventure needs. Whether you need a little more comfort at the ball game, need to heat your core temperature in winter camping conditions, or just need to keep your tent or rv a little more cozy, Ignik's Heated Sleep Systems has you covered. Ignik's patent-pending Radiant Carbon Strand Technology eliminates the bulky wires of traditional heated blankets, providing a lightweight, portable heat system that delivers the maximum amount of warmth to your setup.

Button Controlled Power And Comfort Level

This 3 level button controlled feature allows you to adjust your heat however you like it while saving battery power when you need it.

Why Its Better

Carbon Fiber is known for is superior, high-end structural properties like being ultra-lightweight and super strong. It shares those same qualities as a heat conductor, making it an ultra-durable, lightweight and waterproof heating element that far surpasses the copper wires used in old-fashioned heating blankets.

This Heated Sleep System is ready to go and designed to work easily with most rechargeable 5V and 12V USB and vehicle power supplies.

Our journey started on a family sailboat in the Arctic where we saw the impact of climate change and human jetsam on the landscapes we love. We decided to "be the change" by creating products that actually work-and work for the planet.

Graeme Esarey founded Ignik after attempting to transit the Northwest Passage, from Alaska to Greenland, with his family. In 2018 Graeme Esarey, an outdoor industry executive, quit his job to set sail on an old raceboat called Dogbark with his wife and their two daughters, ages nine and twelve.

The goal was to navigate from Seattle to Greenland via Alaska and the fabled Northwest Passage. With a rotating crew of Graeme's parents (in their 70s) and writer/photographer friends (in their 30s), this multigenerational team performed research on sea surface temperatures for NOAA, visited remote Native Alaskan settlements carved from the permafrost, and were followed by whales, chased by muskoxen, and, at times, enveloped by sea ice as far as the eye could see.

Ultimately, with storm-driven ice blocking the Passage, the expedition turned back, but Graeme was changed forever by the wildness of the place-and by witnessing the direct impact climate change is having on the wildlife, landscape, and stalwart people of the Arctic.

Today Ignik makes high-quality, environmentally thoughtful heating products for the wilderness. We enable more folks to get outside earlier and remain outside longer.

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