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California Heat 12V BMW Plug/Accessory Plug (1pc)

California Heat 12V BMW Plug/Accessory Plug (1pc)California Heat 12V BMW Plug/Accessory Plug (1pc)

California Heat 12V BMW Plug/Accessory Plug (1pc)

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The Accessory plug is a two-way plug that can be used instead of the battery harness to power your heated clothing. With the red cap on, use your 12-volt accessory port for motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats or cars. Take the red cap off and it becomes a DIN plug that works on your BMW or Triumph accessory port (also known as Powerlet accessory plug).

  • 32 length
  • For use with 12v accessory ports
  • Max capacity 20 amps

California Heat offers the lowest prices, best heat and highest quality in heated liners, gloves and socks for motorcyclists. Our products are heated with Finewire, a very light and small heating yarn, for a warm comfortable ride. Our liners are designed to look great on and off the bike.

Battery Harness Hookup

The battery harness has an inline fuse on the positive (red) lead.The fuses that are included are Violet for 3 amp, Peach for 5 amp, Brown for 7.5 amp, Red for 10 amp and Blue for 15 amp, Yellow for 20 amp.

The amp draw below is rated at 12 volts. The output on your motorcycle will be between 13.8 and 14.2 volts. To calculate your true amp draw divide the amp draw on all items you are going to hook up by 12 them multiply by your motorcycle volt output.

Example: gloves 2.4 plus jacket 6.4 = 8.8 / 12 = .7333 x 14 = 10.99. You need to use the next higher rated fuse (blue for 15 amp).

  • Gloves pull 2.4 amps
  • Socks pull 2.2 amps
  • Jacket pulls 6.4 amps
  • Pants pull 4.6 amps

Connect the red lead to the positive terminal on your battery and the black lead to the negative. Zip tie the coax under your seat on the left side if you do not intend to install a panel mount port.

Dual Digital Temperature Controller

The red lead to your temperature controller hooks up to the battery harness under your seat. The white lead on the temperature controller is for your jacket and plugs into the white coded plug at the bottom inside pocket of your jacket liner. The black lead hooks up to the black plug next to your jacket plug in your jacket.

To turn your controller on, after you have started your bike, hold the button down for three seconds. There are five settings on the controller: 1 is 20% power, 2 = 40%, 3 = 60%, 4 = 80% and 5 = 100%. To turn you controller off hold the button down for three seconds. If you would like the same settings for your next ride, do not turn off controller! Just unplug it and the memory will kick in!

Your heated clothing gets very hot and can cause burns that you may not notice while riding. You should not leave your settings on the controller at 100% except to initially warm up you gear. You need to turn down the heat to a comfortable setting after that, for instance 3 for 60% power.

Dual Dial Temperature Controller


  1. Disconnect battery terminals (negative first). Connect battery harness to battery, positive (+) to fused side and (?) to negative.
  2. An accessory plug can be used to power the unit.

How to use the Controller

  1. With motorcycle running, plug output cord into the garment then plug the input cord into the battery harness cord.
  2. Adjust heat level by turning knob clockwise to increase heat. Turn the knob counterclockwise to lower the heat. The knob clicks when turned to the "off" position. A dual controller has two knobs to control two separate garments on the same user.

WARNING: Do not use the dual unit to control two separate users. The dual unit is intended to control two separate garments on the same user.

LED Indicators

The controller has Green or Yellow (dual unit only) LED for normal operation.

Start?Up Check Status

    Flashing or Steady Green/Yellow LED = All OK _ Unit is operating normally
    Flashing Red LED = Output Short / Overload
    No LED = No Power (Check power supply or check for reverse polarity) Normal Operation
    Flashing or Steady Green/Yellow LED = All OK _ Unit is operating normally
    Flashing Green/Red LED = Low Voltage less than 10.5V
    Flashing Red = Output Short / Overload Reset Fault
    Turn Switch to Off
    Turn Switch back to On
    If condition returns, correct condition and repeat

Jacket Liner

Your new jacket liner has heating elements in the back, each chest, the top of each arm and the neck. It has three plugs installed in a zipper pocket located at the inside, front, lower left of your jacket. One plug is coded white which heats up all the elements in the jacket. Plug in the white lead from your temperature controller there. The black lead heats up plugs that are located in zipper pockets in the sleeves of your arms. The plugs in the arms are to plug in your gloves. You will plug in the black lead from your temperature controller here. The black lead is a separate circuit from your jacket liner. The black lead also heats up the third plug in the bottom of your jacket. This plug is color coded gold. This is to plug in your pant liners or socks. This means the heat setting form your gloves will be the same for your pant liner and socks. This plug will not work if the black lead is not plugged into your controller.


Your gloves are heated on the top of the hand and fingers. The fingers are heated to the ends. There is a zipper pocket inside your gloves to store you plugs when not in use. Your gloves plug into your jacket liner sleeves. If you are going to wear your gloves without your jacket liner, you need to plug them into a y-harness that plugs into your controller or your Junior Controller. The junior controller has a built in y-harness. The y-harness should be run down the sleeves of your arms. The longer lead to the right side. The junior controller has three setting, red is 100% power, amber is 66% power and green is 33% power. Again, you should not leave the controller on 100% power except at initial start up to avoid burns.

Pant Liner

Your pant liner is heated on the top of the legs. There is a zipper pocket that holds the plug that plugs into the bottom of your jacket liner to heat it up. If you do not use the jacket liner you will plug into one of the plugs in your dual controller. There are also plugs in zipper pockets near the end of the pant legs to plug in your heated socks. The pant liners have a full zipper down each leg so that you can get in and out of the pants quickly without removing footwear.


Your heated socks plug into the plugs in the bottom of your pant liners. If you do not use a pant liner, you will plug into a y-harness that you run down your pants. The y-harness will then plug into your dual controller.

Below shows how it all hooks together

Connection Diagram V2

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