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Ergodyne N-Ferno Toe Warmer - 40 Pack

Ergodyne N-Ferno Toe Warmer - 40 PackErgodyne N-Ferno Toe Warmer - 40 PackErgodyne N-Ferno Toe Warmer - 40 Pack

Ergodyne N-Ferno Toe Warmer - 40 Pack

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Ergodyne 16992E N-Ferno 6992 Toe-Style Warming Packs

Just open the pack and the all-natural ingredients in these N-Ferno Warming Packs instantly heat up. They're activated by oxygen and will provide hours of radiant heat. They'll fit in N-Ferno Winter Liner ear pockets, in boots and gloves - anywhere heat is required. The non-toxic warming packs are disposable. Warming Packs heat for up to eight hours; Foot Warmers, up to five hours. One size.
  • Self-contained packs add heat anywhere when exposed to air
  • To activate, just open the pack
  • All natural ingredients heat up when they contact oxygen
  • Seal from oxygen in Zip-Loc bag and reuse the next day
  • Toe style warms up to 5 hours
  • Just stick them to socks, under the toes
  • Disposable, non-toxic
  • Specially formulated for "low oxygen" environments (footwear)
  • Applications: Construction, Freight/Baggage, Drilling/Mining, Oil/Gas Refining, Iron/Steel Work, Delivery/Service, Landscaping/Grounds, Cold Storage/Warehousing, Material Handling

Ergodyne has been making tough work gear since 1983. They are committed to serving the safety of workers worldwide. Ergodyne has hundreds of global patents and trademarks and is always on the search for improving on their already stellar reputation. Ergodyne's first safety product was aimed at preventing the number one worker's compensation claim: a back support that was designed to remind the wearer of the proper lifting technique. Where did the unique Ergodyne name come from? The Greek root meaning work (ergo) and unit of force (dyne). Ergodyne has pioneered the development of products that make your workplace a better place to work with their line of jobsite-tested equipment.

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