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Arctic Volt AV80 Heat Ready Socks (Socks Only)

Arctic Volt AV80 Heat Ready Socks (Socks Only)Arctic Volt AV80 Heat Ready Socks (Socks Only)Arctic Volt AV80 Heat Ready Socks (Socks Only)Arctic Volt AV80 Heat Ready Socks (Socks Only)Arctic Volt AV80 Heat Ready Socks (Socks Only)Arctic Volt AV80 Heat Ready Socks (Socks Only)

Arctic Volt AV80 Heat Ready Socks (Socks Only)

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A warm full terry Heat Ready sock made with merino wool. An ideal sock for actives where the highest level of insulation is preferred. Heat Ready makes it possible for you to boost your personal comfort with added active heat if the sock is used together with the Inuheat One Powerpack. Sock only - Inuheat One Powerpack sold separately


  • Heat Ready Technology: Heat Ready Heating System Laminated polyester PU-panel with a coated stainless steel heating conductor, plastic connector with metal rivets and an NFC tag.
  • Material: 44% Merino Wool 44% Acrylic 11% Polyamide 1% Elastane
  • Activitied: Hunting, Fishing, General outdoor use
  • Manufactured: Portugal and Sweden
  • A warm full terry Heat Ready sock made with merino wool


  • Brand: Arctic Volt
  • Model: AV80 Heat Ready Sock

We are Inuheat:

The heartwarming story behind our company

Never before has it been so easy to keep warm for a long time and in extreme conditions. The solution that makes that possible is the heating system developed by Inuheat. For many years at its headquarters and textile lab just outside Gothenburg in Sweden, Inuheat has been researching and developing the system that makes it easy for clothing companies to offer their customers heat control clothes they can wear next to their skin.

It's all about active heated clothes that can withstand sweat, cold, wear and tear - and last longer. Inuheat searched for good products on the market, but was never completely satisfied with the clothes that were available. None of the products we tested met our high demands on good clothing design, durability and heat control. In the end, we decided to create the best solution ourselves. But instead of designing and manufacturing our own clothes, Inuheat decided not to compete with all the great clothes designers already out there. We chose to focus purely on developing a really good heating system and to drive this development further than anyone else had ever done. It's a simple idea: With the market's best wearable heating system in clothes from the best clothing companies you get the best products ever available.

Today, Inuheat offers its heating solution to leading clothing companies that can easily design, manufacture and sell actively heated clothes as part of their range. The heating technology can be integrated so well that the original comfort and design are not affected. So, for the first time, premium clothing manufacturers have access to heating technology that meets the same high standards they have for their products.

But the journey hasn't been simple or straightforward. There have been many trips back to the drawing board. Inuheat's early prototypes delivered both success and setbacks in terms of materials, manufacturing methods and quality. But despite this, we never compromised on form and function. At Inuheat, we are extra proud that our heating system is the result of a lot of hard work together with researchers and industry professionals from The Swedish School of Textiles at Borås University, the Smart Textiles research initiative and Chalmers University of Technology's commercial R&D foundation amongst others, as well as a great many testers in "real life".

The idea of offering the world's best wearable heat control, which can be integrated into clothing from the best clothing companies, has proven itself to be a winning concept.


  • Inuheat is founded: Inuheat is founded with the clear vision to offer the best heated solution on the market for active wearable heating.
  • First Product Launch: Inuheat launched its first product at the ISPO sports industry trade show with Swedish sock brand Seger. Obtained two approved patents for its unique in-house developed yarn and fixation label using RFID technology
  • Awards: Inuheat wins two awards at The Future Textile Awards: "Best Product - Clothing Textiles" and "Groundbreaking Partnership". Inuheat receives the Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence from the EU's European Commission. Inuheat opens its own lab facility with knitting, embroidery, twist and sewing machines as well as other equipment.
  • Next-gen PowerPack and scale-up: Inuheat introduces the next-generation PowerPack with a new design and boosted performance based on microchip technology and the latest lithium-ion battery technology.
    • Inuheat joins the prestigious Scandinavian Outdoor Group, SOG.
    • We are exhibiting at the world's largest sport and outdoor fair, ISPO in Munich. Exhibiting IWHP.
    • European Commission Award Inuheat the quality label "Seal of Excellence".
    • European Commission grant Inuheat € 2,000,000 for scaling up production.
    • Exhibits at Wear 2018 in New York together with DuPont, announcing US launch.
    • Launch Inuheat LLC, our subsidiary in Wilmington, Delaware, USA.
    • Hire Joe Zakielarz (former leader at Adidas wearables and W.L Gore) as VP of Sales.
    • Sign Flex to manufacture PowerPacks, Chargers and Connector plates in Mexico.
  • Heat Ready: Start manufacturing our brand new Generation 2 electronics. Launches a complete production concept with equipment for implementation in the clothing brand factories.
  • Generation 3: Finalize development and launch Generation 3 of the electronics with 4000 systems on the market through premium brand partners.

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