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Seirus EVO Soundtouch Heatwave Glove Liner

Seirus EVO Soundtouch Heatwave Glove LinerSeirus EVO Soundtouch Heatwave Glove LinerSeirus EVO Soundtouch Heatwave Glove Liner

Seirus EVO Soundtouch Heatwave Glove Liner

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Warm enough to wear alone and thin enough to layer, the EVO Heatwave glove liner provides a base layer that not only drastically changes how you feel in the cold, but also provides comprehensive antimicrobial protection for these unprecedented times. And with Soundtouch touchscreen control you'll never need to expose your fingers to the cold again.

Utilizing HeiQ V-Block technology, the EVO SoundTouch Heatwave Glove Liner provides antimicrobial protection inside and out. V-Block is EPA registered and provides hypoallergenic, odor-free products you can reuse with confidence. The revolutionary dual heating system found in the Heatwave lining reflects and amplifies your body's heat to produce that warm cozy feeling we all look for in a glove. Reflective Heat, Amplified. Thermal Reflective stage - up to 20% warmer. Kinetic stage - Amplifies Temperature 4-5.

Recommended for: wearing alone on cold days or layering for extreme warmth.


  • HeiQ V-Block Anti-Microbial / Anti-Bacterial Technology - Effective In Minutes
  • Seirus' exclusive Heatwave lining as a stand-alone glove liner
  • The Original Kinetic & Reflective Heating system for Rapid Heat Return
  • The Wicking Kinetic layer amplifies temperature 4-5
  • The Reflective layer returns 20% of your own heat
  • Fast heating, fast wicking
  • Soundtouch technology activates any touchscreen
  • Cut & sewn form-fitting construction
  • Warms up any glove
  • Wash & Reuse for life of product
  • A perfect layer of defense for social distancing

As the snow sports industry evolves, we at Seirus Innovation continually study and adapt to new trends. We are constantly creating and improving our products to meet the needs of active outdoor enthusiasts, priding ourselves on our innovation. It's in the way we think, the way we engineer and the way we build the best stuff out there. For over 30 years the team at Seirus Innovation has been able to develop cutting edge technologies and products that have proven us to be a leader in cold weather essentials. We own nine patents that cover 25 landmark products. The drive to create better and more effective goods is at our heart. With the ever changing snow sports market, you can rely on Seirus remaining at the forefront of innovation.

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