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MiraCool PVA Cooling Towel

MiraCool PVA Cooling TowelMiraCool PVA Cooling TowelMiraCool PVA Cooling TowelMiraCool PVA Cooling Towel

MiraCool PVA Cooling Towel

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The MiraCool cooling towel from Occunomix is one of our best sellers because they are a cost effective way to beat the heat during the Summer months. OccuNomix is a top international manufacturer of personal safety equipment, as well as the global leader in products that prevent personal heat stress. This great cooling towel will keep you cool for hours and prevent the effects that cause heat stress. Simply activate in water and feel the instant relief!

  • Instant cooling relief
  • Lightweight super absorbent material holds water without weighing you down
  • Instant cooling relief
  • Just add water
  • Reusable, easy to charge.
  • Dimensions: 29.5 L x 14 W

PVA Cooling Materiel:  A hyper-evaporative material that's the latest in cooling innovation, this Poly Vinyl Acetal (PVA) material retains water while remaining dry to the touch to provide sweet cooling relief on those sweltering days. Flat earth society approved.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Unlike traditional cooling products that use acrylic polymers, the PVA material eliminates the sausage look and bulkiness.

NO RESIDUE: Forget the slimy feel that can come with traditional cooling solutions, the PVA material doesn't turn into a gooey mess. 

ACTIVATES QUICKLY & EASILY: Simply soak in water and within minutes you can enjoy coolness for hours. Perfect to have on-hand if a worker displays symptoms of heat stress.

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