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Inuteq CoolOver PCM Cooling Vest - Yellow 21C (70F)

Inuteq CoolOver PCM Cooling Vest - Yellow 21C (70F)Inuteq CoolOver PCM Cooling Vest - Yellow 21C (70F)

Inuteq CoolOver PCM Cooling Vest - Yellow 21C (70F)

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The patented Inuteq-PAC 100% biobased PCM CoolOver, manufactured in the Netherlands, offers a constant 21C / 70F cooling and heat stress protection for professionals who need expert cooling underneath protective clothing in (extreme) heat situations. This PCM CoolOver is often used under military combat gear, hazardous materials suits, mascot costumes and other professional apparel.

This 21C / 70F PCM CoolOver provides long lasting cooling comfort and protection against heat stress for up to 3 hours, even during strenuous activities in high-temperature environments.

Our unique biobased PCM CoolOver is an one-size-fits-most PCM cooling vest.

This fabric-free CoolOver can easily be cleaned or sterilized which makes it also suitable for use in medical environments.

The only USDA 100% biobased certificated and Reach registered PCM vest available on the market!

(Re)activation is fast and easy; simply put the PCM CoolOver in ice water, freezer or fridge, or just store it at a 3C/ 37F lower temperature until the CoolOver becomes fully solid.

Example: this 21C / 70F CoolOver can be activated in a room temperature of <19C / 66F!

Cleaning: simply clean with cleaning cloth with water or disinfectant.

  • Activate The Coolover
  • Enjoy Constant Cooling
  • Stay Cool & Safe


  • 100% biobased Phase Change Material (PCM).
  • Inuteq Foil.
  • Comes with 2 adjustable buckles.
  • Maximum chest circumference: 120 cm / 47 inch.
  • Weight: 1.3 kg / 2.65 lbs
  • Markets: Work, Motorcycling, Military, Healthcare
  • Technology: PAC


  • One size fits most.

About Inuteq - Keep Your Head Cool

Inuteq is world's leading company in developing & manufacturing innovative personal cooling technologies and products.

Creating the best possible solutions to keep people & animals comfortably cool and to avoid heat stress symptoms, is at the core of our DNA.

Whether it be at work, during sports or your daily routines, you can trust to have Inuteq at your side to keep you comfortably cool!

We have set up strategic partnerships with different innovative companies /high-end brands as well with medical & technical universities. We're also a proud official supplier of several ProCycling Teams, Formule-1 Teams and many more high-profile & Olympic athletes.

Inuteq operates in a variety of markets:

  • Industrial Safety / On the job
  • Sports
  • Animals
  • Healthcare
  • Motorcycling
  • Military
  • Outdoor Recreation / Leisure

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