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CompCooler Motorcycle Rider Solo Cooling System

Watch Video for CompCooler Motorcycle Rider Solo Cooling SystemCompCooler Motorcycle Rider Solo Cooling SystemCompCooler Motorcycle Rider Solo Cooling SystemCompCooler Motorcycle Rider Solo Cooling SystemCompCooler Motorcycle Rider Solo Cooling SystemCompCooler Motorcycle Rider Solo Cooling SystemCompCooler Motorcycle Rider Solo Cooling System

CompCooler Motorcycle Rider Solo Cooling System

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CompCooler Motorcycle Rider Solo Cooling System is made up of 6L ICE Cooler Circulation Unit, Liquid Cooling Vest, and 3 ft extension hose, operated by motorcycle 12V power by SAE connectors. Mini pump unit circulates the cold water from ICE cooler to liquid cooling vest, continuously flow around the body. Temperature range 2C-10C(36F- 50F), 6L ICE will support up to 6 hours body cooling.

Component list:

  • Liquid Cooling Vest (1)
  • Motorcycle Bag (1)
  • ICE Cooler 6L (1)
  • Pump Circulation Unit (1)
  • Extension hose 3 ft (1)
  • SAE Motorcycle power cord (1)


  • Tandem System: Customer may purchase an extra extension hose and the second cooling vest for Tandem Cooling application.
  • Battery operation: his model was designed to use 12V motorcycle power, the package doesn't include battery. However, system still reserve the connection by 7.4V 4017 plug, user may purchase an extra battery for portable application.

Compcooler specializes in working for Personal body cooling & heating systems and Micro refrigeration Cooling system for harsh conditions. Compcooler has established its resume as a manufacturer of Military for use by the Army, Navy, Airforce as well as foreign militaries. The employees at Compcooler's state of the art manufacturing facility have been producing cooling systems over 15 years. Compcooler realized there was an opportunity to bring the same cooling benefits to civilians who working and living at hot ambient or outdoor activities. So Compcooler set up to create more cooling systems that were convenient, comfortable and affordable, major applications Outdoor workers, Motorcycle Riders, Racing Car Drivers, Patients, Police and soldier etc. Compcooler has established a well-managed supply chain and ISO9001 registered facility to support OEM or ODM cooling projects.

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By Freddy
Great cooling for motorcycle e riders!
July 9, 2022
I went for three hundred mile day ride at 100 degrees.

The vest kept me cool for three hours. I had to stop and refill the cooling chest with ice cubes.

Unfortunately, the female cooling connection plug fell off and I was left without a functioning cooling vest.

I am still trying to get the company to send me cheap plastic female connector plugs.
  • 1. Easy to use.
  • 2. Works very well.
  • 3. Stays cold for a long time.
  • 4. Wide array of electrical connections, including SAE pig tails.
  • 1. Cheap proprietary female connector plugs fall off easily. No spares are provided by the company.
  • 2. The master hose is very long and will require taking up extra slacks and trying it behind you, otherwise, it could get tangled on the rear wheel components.
By Scubadriver
Houston, TX
Fantastic Product
September 14, 2020
Four stars on absolute basis. Six stars on value!

I frequently attend HPDE (track car) events here in Texas. June and September are really rough (July and August are unbearable.) I had long considered the big name cooling shirt product but couldn't stomach the price tag. A cooler, a pump, a shirt and some tubing shouldn't cost that much. It should cost what Compcooler charges.

The cooler isn't the best insulated, but it is big enough for five frozen water bottles, which last through two 20 minute sessions in 95 degree heat. I find that very satisfactory.

The cooling provided by the vest is amazing. I am a pretty typical medium build and the M/L was a bit loose at the tightest strap setting. I sewed the two sides together so now it is very snug, but with the very stretchy vest material it is perfect for my 6' 165lb frame.

The hoses and everything are really well made.

If I had one critique, I wish it had a light on the power button so you can see that it is on.

Overall an absolute bargain. I highly recommend.
  • Fantastic value versus competing products.
  • Compact size fits nicely in passenger racing seat.
  • Stretchy comfortable vest east to put on and take off.
  • Very well assembled.
  • Really would be nice if there were an on/off light.
  • Not the best insulated cooler but it does seal well.
By Richard
Blue Ridge, Ga.
It works!
June 2, 2020
Purchased the solo model at the beginning of last summer. It comes ready to use, just hook to 12V power source, add water and ice, strap it on and you are good to go. I€™m in Georgia so we get some hot, humid days. CompCooler works better than evaporative cooling. I noticed my head hardly sweats at all when wearing the cooling vest which proves that when you keep your core cool the extremities stay cooler as well. Ice lasts about 1-1/2 to 2 hours, depending on conditions. Definitely adds comfort to a hot riding day. Good quality item that works as advertised.

Richard in Blue Ridge
  • Less fatigued at the end of a hot riding day.
  • More able to focus on the ride and not on the miserable heat.
  • Wish the ice would last a bit longer, but I normally need a bathroom break by the time the ice melts so not a big deal.
  • Wish I had purchased the CompCooler sooner!