GearDryer Solo 12V

GearDryer Solo 12VGearDryer Solo 12VGearDryer Solo 12VGearDryer Solo 12VGearDryer Solo 12VGearDryer Solo 12VGearDryer Solo 12VGearDryer Solo 12VGearDryer Solo 12V

GearDryer Solo 12V

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Dry up to 5 different items at once at home or in your vehicle, and say goodbye to wet gear. Configure your 5 Twist-and-Lock ports to accommodate any type of wet or sweaty gear, select a fan setting from Low, Medium or High, and let the Solo do its work. Leaving wet gear overnight is a guarantee for odor and increased wear, and the Solo not only makes for better days, it also increases the lifespan of the gear that you rely on for work and play. The garage and mud-room friendly aesthetic increases both form and function of your storage space, and the added mobility of the 12-volt car jack doubles down on the Solo's utility. From waders, to hockey gear, to work boots, to ski and snowboard boots, to helmets of all kinds, to cleats, to gloves, to jackets and more, the Solo is the dynamic solution for keeping your gear dry, clean, and performing up to expectations.

Keep your boots, gloves, helmets and more dry on-the-go with the GearDryer Solo. With over 130 CFM of forced air, 5 adjustable Twist-and-Lock ports, an included Helmet Holder, and both 12-volt car adaptor plug and 120-volt wall plug options for use at home or on the road, the Solo is your go-to drying solution.


  • 130CFM of ambient-temperature forced air is blown directly into gear for fast drying times.
  • Helmet Holder attachment included
  • Easy to wall mount in your garage or mudroom-no professional installation required
  • Fully portable-use the included 12-volt car adaptor in your vehicle, or use the included 120-volt plug at home, hotels, or AirBnB's.
  • Customizable ports offer adjustable configurations for drying all kinds of gear. The Solo's ports are also removable so the Solo takes up a small footprint on road trips and adventures.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction with a durable powder coat finish


  • Measures: 13.5"W x 5.5"D x 6"H
  • Weight: 7lbs

We believe that having the right tool for the job goes a long way, and that's true whether the job is making fresh tracks on a powder day or remodeling your house. Making the investment in good gear that performs is always worth it. That's why we built GearDryer-a boot and glove drying system that really gets the job done. If you work hard and play hard outdoors you know the value of good gear, and when you need to dry that gear after a big day, you shouldn't have to settle on a cheap, plastic boot dryer with weak airflow. We built GearDryer for you, because you demand gear that performs.

To keep it simple, we're just some good ol' Utahns. We like to ski powder, ride mountain bikes, climb rocks, catch fish on flies, and camp under the stars. We cut our teeth in the outdoor gear industry, working with outdoor professionals and chasing our own passions outside. We know the value of good gear firsthand-whether it's our bikes, skis, or climbing gear-having equipment that performs day in and day out is a necessity.

GearDryer began with our own search for a boot dryer that would get the job done and look good in our homes. When we realized our options were limited to cheap, plastic boot dryers with weak airflow and commercial systems with exorbitant price tags and shipping costs, we knew we could do better. So we went to work on designing a high-performance, highly-versatile boot, glove, and gear drying solution that would get the job done right.

During our design and development process, we found the single most important factor in the performance of a boot dryer is the amount of forced airflow that is directed into boots and gloves. With more than 200 CFM of airflow, our GearDryer puts out more airflow than most of the high-dollar commercial systems, and puts the cheap plastic dryers out there to shame-it's not even a contest. We also built in the option to dry with heated or ambient air-this seems like a no-brainer, but GearDryer is one of the only systems available that gives you the choice. On top of that, we designed the airflow ports to be modular, allowing you to direct airflow into gear and customize the port layout for specific gear drying solutions. Finally, we designed the GearDryer to look great in your home, mudroom, or garage.

We're confident that our GearDryer delivers the best performance and value of any boot and glove drying system available. Period.

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