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Capit WarmMe 7.4V Battery Heated Socks

Capit WarmMe 7.4V Battery Heated SocksCapit WarmMe 7.4V Battery Heated SocksCapit WarmMe 7.4V Battery Heated SocksCapit WarmMe 7.4V Battery Heated SocksCapit WarmMe 7.4V Battery Heated Socks

Capit WarmMe 7.4V Battery Heated Socks

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The battery heating socks WarmMe allow to maintain your feet warm in cold locations and during any outdoor activity, especially if praticated during the winter season.

The WarmMe socks use an infra-red heating technology and they have heating carbon elements that contribute to diffuse the heat homogeneously.

Sporty look and very thechnical, they are resistant (cotton and spandex), soft and washable by hand at 30\xB0C; the thin battery, once recharged, is putted in a little pocket positioned at the top of the sock at the height of elastic and connected to the same with the special cable.

It can maintain the foot area warm up to hours.

Included in the packaging batteires thiny and removable (7.4V 2200mAh) and a battery charger (8.4V 1.5A) with double attack 3.5 DC.


  • Heating circuits: invisible made of carbon fiber, hyperflexible and ultra-thin, radiate infrared heat (up to 45\xB0C/113\xB0F) so as to maintain a comfortable foot temperature and do not annoy during use
  • Batteries: small, lightweight and fast rechargeable lithium ion 7.4 V - 2200 mAh. Placed in a small inner pocket on the top of calf, they can power the heating circuit for more than 6 hours
  • On/Off: just plug or unplug the battery plug
  • Materials: special cotton and spandex make the socks softer and comfortable, a nylon and polyester protector on the calves protects against wear
  • Hand washable in water 30\xB0C (86\xB0F)

Our History

Capit has been the leader in the production of professional tyre warmers since 1996. Thanks to experience, research and testing, in collaboration with the best automotive and motorcycle world racing teams, over the years has become a driving force in the domestic and international market. Capit has always been an innovative company able of introducing new concepts (the radial layout of the heating circuit, elimination of the mechanical thermostats with the TNT system), new materials (Fire and Silvertech fabric) and new technologies (electronic temperature management). Today Capit offers a wide range of exclusive and quality products to meet professional teams, as well as private ones with track accessory, bike covers, heated clothing (vests and gloves), Dry System products (dry cleaner and dry cleaner).

Our Evolution

Over the last few years, Capit has accepted a new challenge: starting from 2016, the company started producing and marketing internationally its first line of heated battery-powered clothing. As well as exporting a large part of its products to many countries around the world, Capit has also significantly increased its sales volumes on the Italian market, where the sportswear sector has experienced a substantial growth.

Made In Italy

Capit produces in its own Italian headquarters and manages directly the study, development and realization of every single component of its products: textile, electrical and electronic. The materials chosen, the technologies and the manufacturing methods used are of high quality in order to ensure a higher reliability and superior warranty. The Italian style has been fundamental to the international success of the Lombardy company.

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