Warm & Safe Cyber Hot Seat

Warm & Safe Cyber Hot SeatWarm & Safe Cyber Hot SeatWarm & Safe Cyber Hot SeatWarm & Safe Cyber Hot SeatWarm & Safe Cyber Hot SeatWarm & Safe Cyber Hot Seat

Warm & Safe Cyber Hot Seat

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The ALL MIGHTY "Cyber Hot Seat" is a 12V heated seat cushion. It warms you in seconds and has built in straps to fit to whatever you're sitting on. The outer shell is made of waterproof, durable, Gelanots fabric. Built in 3-Level Heat control button lights up and lets you toggle between 3 different heat levels at the touch of a button.

Originally designed with Motorocycles and Scooters at 12V in mind, pairing the Hot Seat with a 7.4V battery has proven to be a great setup for at home, the office, or at sporting events so we have listed it here as a set. When paired with a 7.4V battery, the heat is controlled via the 3-Level Heat Control button on the Hot Seat.

Features and Specifications:

  • Designed for Motorcycle and Scooter Seats at 12V
  • Can also be used with our 7.4V Battery as a heated stadium seat
  • Cyber Hot Seat Numbers are:
    • 1.3 Amps
    • 10.5 Ohms
    • 18 Watts at 13.8V
  • On a 7.4v battery with the seat heater controller set on high the elements get to 97*. On 12v the elements get to 127*

This Set Includes:

  • Cyber Hot Seat
  • 12V Battery Harness Adapter (for use on Motorcycles, Scooters, etc.)

Warm & Safe was born out of pure necessity. Back in the winter of 1993 company founder and world traveler Mike Coan found himself uncomfortable and cold while motorcycle touring through the Vosges Mountains between Germany and France. The multiple layers he was wearing were bulky and were simply not enough to keep him warm. This would lead to his first encounter with heated riding gear. At that time, such gear was extremely limited, unreliable and in some cases, dangerous. After purchasing some for himself, it was clear that the designers were not riders and there was room for improvement in many areas.

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