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Mobile Warming 7.4V Unisex Smart Thawdaddy 2.0 Bluetooth Heated Vest

Mobile Warming 7.4V Unisex Smart Thawdaddy 2.0 Bluetooth Heated VestMobile Warming 7.4V Unisex Smart Thawdaddy 2.0 Bluetooth Heated VestMobile Warming 7.4V Unisex Smart Thawdaddy 2.0 Bluetooth Heated VestMobile Warming 7.4V Unisex Smart Thawdaddy 2.0 Bluetooth Heated Vest

Mobile Warming 7.4V Unisex Smart Thawdaddy 2.0 Bluetooth Heated Vest

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Designed to perfectly blend comfort, performance, and value, Fieldsheer's Smart Thawdaddy 2.0 Bluetooth (Men's Heated Vest/ Women's Heated Vest) is updated with our powerful Mobile Warming Technology. Our Powersheer 7.4-Volt Lithium-Ion battery is supported by a universal USB charging port and can provide heat for up to 10 hours on a single charge. 4 distinct heat settings put you in control, and with seamless Bluetooth connectivity on our proprietary MW Connect app, you can stay warm in even the harshest winter conditions. Easily toggle between heat settings to find the perfect level of comfort on even the coldest winter days. MW Connect app available for download on the App Store or Google Play Store. The compact design and 100% Polyester shell keep you protected from the elements while Sweatsheer technology wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you dry. Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to cold conditions, and our team of designers and engineers strive to produce cold-weather gear that won't let you down when you need it most.

The Smart Thawdaddy 2.0 BT Heated Vest is an essential piece of equipment for any outdoor enthusiast, from cold hikes in the mountains to long days spent riding rolling hills or finding backcountry powder. Due to the increased accessibility offered by the front zipper, the Thawdaddy is the perfect addition to any outdoor equipment kit. This rugged outer layer not only keeps you warm and dry but lets you keep getting after any outdoor pursuit longer, from long days on the slope to trips backcountry tracking. Keep at it longer with Fieldsheer's powerful Mobile Warming heating technology combined with the highest quality materials and thoughtfully designed to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable for hours without forfeiting range of motion, style, or performance. Heated vests are among our most popular heated apparel due to their flexible function and easy storage, which is taken one step further with our compact engineering.

Additionally, our unisex design makes this the ideal heated vest for every outdoor enthusiast. By upgrading the Thawdaddy 2.0 to enable Bluetooth connectivity, we've taken its innovative technology to the next level, and you can monitor battery levels and adjust heat settings easier than ever before. This is the perfect solution for keeping in a car, truck, motorcycle, or boat as a backup or adding to your essential outdoor equipment roster. Shipped with our Powersheer 7.4 Volt Standard Lithium-Ion battery and universal micro USB charging cable. Since 1978 Fieldsheer has been a leading manufacturer of outdoor apparel and heated clothing. We know that conditions can change rapidly, and our Thawdaddy 2.0 keeps you prepared for even the harshest changes in weather.

Vest Features

  • 100% Polyester Outer Shell
  • Sweatsheer Moisture Wicking Mesh
  • Compact Vest Design
  • 4 Selectable Heat Settings
  • 7.4volt Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Up to 10 Hours of Power Per Charge
  • Universal USB Charging Input

Mobile Warming products are designed with the outdoors in mind; the range of applications is wide-spread including skiing, hunting, hiking, fishing, motorcycling, golf...even work. Breakthrough technology provides outstanding levels of comfort and warmth for an entire day at the touch of a button; exceeding the efficiency of any other warming system available in outerwear today. Mobile Warming is committed to continuing to provide customers with the best quality, best priced, and best performing heated products on the market.

STAY WARM, STAY COMFORTABLE Industry Leading Heat Performance

Patented Mobile Warming technology is specially engineered for cold environmental conditions. Mobile Warming comprehensive heating solutions keep you warm and comfortable. The exclusive Mobile Warming heating system utilizes F.I.R. (Far-Infrared) heat and ultra-fine metal fiber heating elements powered by lightweight, rechargeable, and powerful Lithium-Ion batteries. As heat builds Mobile Warming advanced materials reflect and direct heat back towards the body ensuring that you stay warm. The combination of unique materials, construction techniques, and innovative design results in the most advanced heated gear available.

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