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Cool Links
Cool Links Classic 2in1 Cooling Towel
Cool Links Classic 2in1 Cooling TowelCool Links Classic 2in1 Cooling TowelCool Links Classic 2in1 Cooling TowelCool Links Classic 2in1 Cooling TowelCool Links Classic 2in1 Cooling TowelCool Links Classic 2in1 Cooling Towel

Cool Links Classic 2in1 Cooling Towel

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Cool Links is the only 2 in 1 cooling towel made of fabric with cooling technology and removable frozen cubes inside giving you double the cooling (Patent Pending). Activate by freezing with cubes inside or wetting fabric with water. Cool Links keeps you cool up to 2 hours when activated but lasts even longer with its one of a kind features. It's the coldest, longest-lasting, and most versatile cooling towel you'll ever need.


  • 14 Non-Toxic Removable Cubes Included - Swap thawed cubes with frozen ones to extend cooling time
  • Cooling Fabric Technology - Wet, wring, and snap to activate. Re-wet to reactivate and extend cooling time
  • Magnetic Tab closure - Secures your towel in place
  • Moisture Wicking Fabric - Stays dry when worn frozen
  • Machine Washable - Fabric won't fade or wash out
  • Comfortable Fabric - Stays soft wet or dry
  • Lightweight - Only 1 lb. with cubes inside
  • Interchangeable - Cubes can be used in any design. Collect them all!
  • One Size Fits Most

Frozen Removable Cubes:
Colder and lasts longer than the competition. Keep Cool Links in your freezer or cooler for maximum cooling. Swap thawed cubes with cold ones to stay cool as long as you need.

Cooling Fabric:
No freezer, no problem. Only Cool Links gives you more than one way to cool off. The fabric is made with cooling technology making it cold instantly when activated with water. Simply wet, wring, and snap to activate.

Moisture Wicking:
Don't get your neck and shirt soaked with those other towels. Cool Links fabric wicks away moisture and condensation when worn frozen giving you one less thing to sweat.

Magnetic Tab:
The only way to stay cool and secure. Slide the magnetic tab under the opposite end of the towel to keep it from sliding off your neck.

A new way to beat the heat

Keeping you cool while still looking your best.

How It All Started

Like you, we've spent many days outdoors with our families trying to find a way to beat the heat. Most cooling towels are the same and only topically cool your skin, leaving you wet and with temporary relief. Patent pending Cool Links was created to be the next generation of cooling towel by giving you the most effective and long-lasting cooling experience whether you're outdoors on a hot day, at home working, or need to ease those muscle and headaches.

Based out of Los Angeles, we've spent countless hours designing, testing, and sourcing the best materials to provide a unique cooling towel with new features to achieve optimal cooling and comfort. Removable and freezable cubes with proprietary cooling liquid are wrapped in soft fabric with cooling technology to give you multiple ways to cool off. The ice-based cooling goes beyond the skin and penetrates your muscles to provide actual relief from the heat. Moisture wicking fabric keeps you dry while our handy magnet tab keeps everything in place. Simply put, there's no other cooling towel like Cool Links.

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