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Swany Men's X-Over Mittens 2.2

Watch Video for Swany Men's X-Over Mittens 2.2Swany Men's X-Over Mittens 2.2Swany Men's X-Over Mittens 2.2

Swany Men's X-Over Mittens 2.2

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Swany Men's X-Over Mittens 2.2


  • Utility heat pocket with zipper closure
  • Quick release strap
  • Pre Curved Construction
  • Barrel lock cuff
  • Nose wipe


  • Shell: Swany Soft Shell, PU Leather palm
  • Insulation: Insuloft with Swany Dry lining Dryfinger W/B insert

Our story began back in 1893 when Elmer Little & Sons, a family run company located in a small upstate New York town called Gloversville, began specializing in upscale dress and casual glove production.

Meanwhile, Swany Corporation in 1980 created Swany America. They did this to better serve its US customers and to launch a new glove called Freezy Freakies.

Freezy Freakies changed colors in the cold and for a decade were the most popular children's glove in the USA.

As this story goes, Swany America acquired Elmer Little & Sons in 1987. Bill Dzierson, the owner and descended of Elmer Little joined the Swany family. Bill was an avid skier and saw a need for a warmer and more durable ski glove.

In 1990, the Swany Ski Division was formed. Bill only wanted to make the best ski gloves. He found that skiers were willing to pay more for a warmer more durable ski glove.

Swany Ski Gloves - Sport Utility Gloves

Swany's growth has been driven by innovation and the desire to make the best ski gloves. The introduction of glove categories that did not exist before (Flexor, Toaster Mitts) gave the retailers a reason to carry the more expensive Swany gloves. With the start of the new millennium, Swany introduced a glove category that rocketed Swany to the top. In 2000, Swany introduced the crossover gloves.

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