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Shoei CNS-3 Pinlock Spectra Shield

Shoei CNS-3 Pinlock Spectra ShieldShoei CNS-3 Pinlock Spectra ShieldShoei CNS-3 Pinlock Spectra Shield

Shoei CNS-3 Pinlock Spectra Shield

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Shoei CNS-3 Pinlock Spectra Shield


-CNS-3 Pinlock Spectra Shield

-Offers nearly 100% UVA

-UVB Protection

-A scratch resistant coating

-To be used in conjunction with the Pinlock insert

The name SHOEI has long been synonymous with "premium" in the motorcycle helmet market-a credential that hundreds of loyal men and women in our Japan factories wear with great pride. The evolution and production of our world-class helmet line is a meticulous process that combines the very latest in technology with consumer feedback, modern testing practices, advanced materials, and 60 years of helmet building experience. Just like the very first SHOEI helmet built by our founder back in 1959, every SHOEI today is still handmade in Japan utilizing a sophisticated process that involves over 50 people for each and every helmet.

Born From Racing

SHOEI prides itself in building the very best helmets that our state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies will allow, but we also maintain the core belief that good old fashioned field research yields the highest performing, most functional helmets producible. SHOEI helmets are the result of countless hours of conceptualization and R&D, but equally as important is the time spent testing with the most hardcore critics of them all-our professional racing team. From our MotoGP race team service to world-class racers like Marc Marquez and Josh Grant, our helmets are put through the ringer, resulting in the fine-tuned masterpieces that await you on this website.

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