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REV'IT Jacket Tornado 3

REV'IT Jacket Tornado 3REV'IT Jacket Tornado 3REV'IT Jacket Tornado 3REV'IT Jacket Tornado 3REV'IT Jacket Tornado 3REV'IT Jacket Tornado 3

REV'IT Jacket Tornado 3

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The versatile REV'IT! Tornado 3 jacket has all the features you need for your next tour in the spring, summer, or autumn: ventilation, waterproofing, and the highest level of protection. It's then all wrapped up in a stylish package. On colder mornings or during bad weather, the breathable and flexible hydratex|Lite 2-in-1 liner will keep the rider dry and comfortable. This detachable liner also works well as a separate jacket. When the temperature starts to rise, the liner can easily be removed to allow cool air to flow through the jacket. The 3D air mesh panels around the shoulders and the PWR|shell mesh on the front, back, and arms will keep the rider comfortable and feeling fresh. The jacket features our award-winning CE-level 2 SEEFLEX armor at the shoulder and elbows, and the Tornado 3 can further be fortified with our SEESOFT CE-level 1 divided chest protectors and SEESOFT CE-level 2 back protector. Various adjustment tabs and straps will ensure a perfect fit for the rider.



    • SEEFLEX Level 2 CE protection: Certified CE-Level 2 according to the new norm EN1621-1:2012 the SEEFLEX protector is the latest innovation from the in-house R&D department. The new norm also tests the impact levels in various temperature ranges. The SEEFLEX protectors easily surpass the new norm without sacrificing wearer comfort.
    • Prepared for Divided Chest Protector SEESOFT CE-level 1: The protector pocket in this REV'IT! garment is tailor-made to accommodate the Divided Chest Protector SEESOFT CE-level 1 - an easy upgrade to maximize safety.
    • Prepared for SEESOFT CE-level 2 back protector insert - Type RV: The back protector pocket in this REV'IT! garment is tailor-made to accommodate the SEESOFT CE-level 2 back protector insert Type RV - an easy upgrade to maximize safety.


    • Polyester ripstop: Polyester yarns woven into a ripstop. Thick reinforcement threads are interwoven at regular intervals into the fabric in a crosshatch pattern known as ripstop.
    • 3D air mesh: This knitted fabric has an open, 3-dimensional structure that ensures good ventilation while riding. 3D air mesh is a must-have for long touring riders.
    • Lorica: Lorica is constructed from microfibres that give the material characteristics similar to those of natural leather, including a leather look. This low-maintenance material is not as strong as leather, but softer and lighter, with a consistent thickness that makes it easier to process.
    • PWR|shell 750D: Consisting of 100% high-performance polyamide yarns, PWR|shell 750D takes the best properties of a nylon with a high melting point, tremendous tear and abrasion-resistance, and excellent durability and then puts the unique REV'IT! design stamp on it. It provides high-performance protection for every rider.
    • PWR|shell mesh: This PWR|stretch mesh is knitted in an open structure, to allow for breathability and flexibility combined with a stretch yarn for extra comfort.
    • PWR|wax 500D: This PWR|shell material has a wax coating for a slightly dull look.


    • Detachable hydratex|Lite 2-in-1 liner: This garment has a detachable hydratex|Lite 2-in-1 liner, providing waterproofing as well as insulation. Riders stay dry and warm with this feature.


    • Detachable 2-in-1 thermal liner & membrane: In these garments we have added a thermal liner to the detachable hydratex | G-liner. This becomes one layer that can be easily removed on warm, dry days, and easily added when you need protection from the rain and cold.



    • Cuff zipper: The zipper at the cuff has several purposes. It allows for easier entry into the sleeve, provides extra ventilation on warm days, and allows you to easily wear the glove cuff under your outer shell and over your base layer
    • Two-way Collar Snap Closure System: The two-way collar snap closure system allows you to fold back & snap closed the front side of the collar, allowing airflow to cool the neck without it flapping in the wind. Fold it back over to keep wind out
    • Separately wearable hydratex|Lite 2-in-1 liner: This hydratex|Lite 2-in-1 liner has been two functions. It protects against the wind and cold when zipped into a garment but can also be worn as a jacket by itself, providing the same functionality, reducing the need for additional layers when riding
    • Short connection zipper at detachable waterproof liner: Adding to the versatility of the waterproof detachable liner, it comes with a short connection zipper, allowing you to securely fasten it to your riding trousers (or jeans via the Safeway 2 belts), when possible
    • Prepared for vest connector NEON: The Vest connector NEON allows you to the upgrade your jacket with a vest that quickly and easily attaches. The highly visible vest offers enhanced safety
    • Short connection zipper
    • Stretch lips


    • Adjustment tabs
    • Adjustment strap
    • Flexisnap: The REV'IT! flexisnap makes it possible to adjust the collar circumference easily and personalize its fit to each rider. A jacket is often worn in more then one season, and the flexisnap makes it possible to adjust the collar within seconds. During winter a wider collar circumference accommodates combining the jacket with a balaclava or wind collar, while during summer, a wider circumference lets an all-important cooling wind into the collar
    • Adjustable elbow protection: The adjustable elbow protection pockets allow you to tailor the CE-rated elbow protection to three different heights to perfectly fit your body and for optimal comfort while riding


    • Regular
    • Tour fit


    • Waterproof internal pocket at waterproof liner: The internal pocket within the waterproof liner is waterproof.
    • Inner pocket
    • Slit pockets


    • Ventilation panels: The ventilation panels on this garment allow for optimal airflow to keep the body cool while riding

Since 1995, REV'IT has been redefining the market for motorcycle apparel. REV'IT spends countless hours of research and development with the mission to create the most innovative, functional and stylish motorcycle apparel on the market.

REV'IT is a premium European brand of motorcycle apparel based out of Holland. REV'IT Motorcycle Jackets are some of the most innovative pieces of motorcycle gear on the market and we are pleased to offer you a complete selection of styles to fit your riding needs.

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