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Mission Cooling Marathon Hat

Mission Cooling Marathon HatMission Cooling Marathon HatMission Cooling Marathon HatMission Cooling Marathon HatMission Cooling Marathon HatMission Cooling Marathon Hat

Mission Cooling Marathon Hat

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Say hello to your new favorite hat. Sweat-tested, athlete-approved performance cooling hats that are made with specially formulated material to keep you cool and look good, too. Say goodbye to salt-stained brims! You can throw these hats right in with your laundry - the proprietary technology will never wash out & it will not stretch or lose shape. The Marathon Hat cools instantly when activated with water and cools to 30 degrees below average body temperature in under 30 seconds.

Make Your Hottest Run a Walk in the Park

Run, walk, or skate down the scorching summer pavement without feeling the burn of sweat in your eyes. Manage heat and sweat so you can take your sport or hobby to the next level without letting the heat slow you down.

Packable & machine washable, discover the difference instant cooling makes on the road, in the sand, on the track, or in the gym. Stay in the sun longer and instantly acclimate to a hotter environment with the cooling power of this lightweight, sweat-stopping, indispensable, everyday head-covering essential.

Wear It Every Day - From Workouts to Running Errands

So versatile you can wear it in the woods, in the water, at the gym, and everywhere in between - made with UPF 50 fabric and an adjustable closure for a customized fit. Go anywhere, do anything, and keep going longer & harder when you are cool from the head down. It will become your new favorite wardrobe staple - you will never want to leave home without it!

Technology: Mission products, powered by HydroActive Instant Cooling Technology, are made of patented and proprietary performance textiles with a reusable, chemical-free cooling technology that enhances the natural process of evaporation. Machine washable, HydroActive Instant Cooling Technology is permanent and never washes out.


-Powered by HydroActive Instant Cooling Technology

-Cools Instantly When Wet

-Cools up to 2 Hours

-50% Greater Cooling Power

-Soft, Lightweight Fabric

-Laser Perf Panels Improve Breathability

-UPF 50 Sun Protection

-Chemical-free Cooling

-Antimicrobial for Odor Control


-Crown Shape: Unstructured

-Closure: Hook & Loop

-Size: OFSM


Mission was created to help you lead an active lifestyle so that you could do more and enjoy more in the heat. With thoughtful design and state of the art technology, we've developed a broad portfolio of instant cooling gear which includes hats, neck gaiters, towels and more. They cool instantly and keep you cool for hours so you can do more of whatever it is you love.

We take pride in creating products that support your passions and enhance your experiences from going on a run to doing work in the yard. That is why all of our cooling gear is made from lightweight, ultrasoft, proprietary fabrics with cooling technology that enhance the natural process of evaporation. Additionally, they are always chemical free and will never wash out.

When the heat challenges you to do less.

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