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Chill-Its Cooling Vest by Ergodyne
Ergodyne Chill-Its 6634 Cooling Headband

Ergodyne Chill-Its 6634 Cooling HeadbandErgodyne Chill-Its 6634 Cooling HeadbandErgodyne Chill-Its 6634 Cooling HeadbandErgodyne Chill-Its 6634 Cooling HeadbandErgodyne Chill-Its 6634 Cooling HeadbandErgodyne Chill-Its 6634 Cooling HeadbandWatch Video for Ergodyne Chill-Its 6634 Cooling Headband

Ergodyne Chill-Its 6634 Cooling Headband

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The Chill-Its 6634 Cooling Headband is a low-profile wrap that wicks away sweat and moisture when worn dry and provides evaporative cooling relief when worn wet. The stretchy performance knit fabric and contoured design makes for a snug, comfortable fit on most head sizes. This skull wrap is rated to UPF 50+ for protection against the sun's harmful UV rays and features an anti-odor treatment for fresh all-day wear. A reflective accent enhances visibility in low-light conditions.

The low-profile design fits comfortably under a hard hat or helmet and is a great option for those with longer hair/ponytails. Ideal for construction, landscaping, roofing or anyone working in the heat. It can also be used to reduce the risk of heat stress for outdoor recreational activities.

How To Activate

Just soak in water until saturated, then wring out excess water-the evaporative cooling process begins instantly and lasts for hours when worn in environments with suitable airflow. If worn dry, the moisture-wicking fabric draws perspiration away to keep you dry.


  • Performance Knit Fabric - Soft, durable and stretchable fabric for comfort
  • One Size Fits Most - Stretchy and lightweight material fits snug on most head sizes
  • Instant Cooling Relief - When wet, cooling is immediate and can last for hours
  • Moisture-Wicking - When dry, will absorb sweat and wick moisture away
  • Sun Protection - UPF 50+ protection from harmful UV rays
  • Anti-Odor Treatment - For fresh, all-day wear
  • Contoured Design - Tapered in back for low-bulk wear
  • Reflective Accent - For low-light visibility
  • Low-Profile Design - Fits comfortably under any hard hat or helmet
  • Multiple Colors - Available in Black, Hi-Vis Lime, Hi-Vis Orange and Blue
  • Machine Washable

Chill-Its are a division of the powerhouse workplace safety equipment brand Ergodyne. Chill-Its products bring a frosty layer of comfort to your jobsite inferno, so you can work (or play!) longer. Why is staying cool in the heat and humidity so important? Heat stress is no joke and can result in death. You can't change the weather but using Chill-Its can help you change your approach to the heat. From neck bands to vests to wide-brimmed hats, Chill-Its by Ergodyne has the right cooling product for the hardest working people on the planet.

Chill-Its Cooling from the foundry to the freeway, battle big league heat with our Chill-Its Cooling Line. Evaporative cooling bandanas, headbands, towels, vests, and more pack an icy cool punch. The job may be tough, but Chill-Its products do their best to make work no sweat.

Finally, it's easy to keep your cool when the world goes volcanic and melts hockey pucks. Chill-Its provide many ways to suck it up when the heat rages and sweat starts to pour. If nature turns up the heat, don't sweat it. You can always turn to Chill-Its to bring a frosty layer of comfort to any workplace inferno.

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