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Zero Breeze ElecHive 2500 Portable Power Station

Watch Video for Zero Breeze ElecHive 2500 Portable Power StationZero Breeze ElecHive 2500 Portable Power StationZero Breeze ElecHive 2500 Portable Power StationZero Breeze ElecHive 2500 Portable Power StationZero Breeze ElecHive 2500 Portable Power StationZero Breeze ElecHive 2500 Portable Power StationZero Breeze ElecHive 2500 Portable Power StationZero Breeze ElecHive 2500 Portable Power StationZero Breeze ElecHive 2500 Portable Power StationZero Breeze ElecHive 2500 Portable Power Station

Zero Breeze ElecHive 2500 Portable Power Station

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Ultimate Portable High-Capacity Power Station

ElecHive is a game-changer, combining advanced battery technology with unmatched energy density. With 2,200W of power and an enormous 2,500Wh capacity, it fuels 99% of today's appliances. Remarkably, it's not just powerful, but also the most portable in its class, weighing only 40 pounds. Its versatility allows you to charge it from solar panels, car chargers, or a 1250W professional charger.

  • 2500Wh: Satisfy Your 99% Power Needs
  • Ultra-compact: 32% Weight Reduction. Weighs Only 40lb
  • 11 Output Ports: Versatile Compatibility for all Devices
  • 3 Multi-Way Recharge:
    • Wall Charger: Accepts Up to 1250W Fast Charging.
    • Solar Charger: 1250W MTTP Solar Panel
    • Car Charger: On-the-go Vehicle Charging
  • 20 Years: Extra Long-life Cycles
  • BMS System

Outdoor Camping and Traveling

ElecHive weighs just 40 pounds, 32% lighter than comparable products, delivering unparalleled portability and efficient energy storage for your outdoor adventures.

  • Mark 2 AC: 25 Hours
  • Smart Phone: 357 Recharges
  • Laptop: 50 Recharges
  • Mini Fridge: 42 Hours
  • Camera: 250 Recharges
  • Drone: 25 Recharges

Home Emergency Situations

ElecHive's 2500Wh high capacity ensures worry-free power for your home in emergencies - it's plug-and-play, convenient, and swift.

  • Refrigerator: 25 Hours
  • TV: 19 Hours
  • Air Conditioner: 4 Hours
  • Aquarium: 50 Hours
  • CPAP: 83 Hours
  • Light: 250 Hours

Professional Power

ElecHive 2200W high-power output ensures continuous and stable power support for your high-power professional equipment.

  • Electric Chainsaw: 2 Hours
  • Electric Hammer Drill: 3 Hours
  • Cutting Machine: 2 Hours
  • Corded String Trimmer: 2 Hours

Satisfy Your 99% Power Needs

While NMC batteries may cost a bit more, their exceptional 30% - 50% higher energy density ensures ElecHive's superior capacity, offering a smaller size with greater power for essential portable solutions.

Fast Charging Technology

ElecHive's fast charging technology enables lightning-fast recharging at up to 1250W, ensuring rapid power replenishment for enhanced efficiency and reliability in various scenarios.

  • 1250W: 2.5 Hrs
  • 600W: 5 Hrs
  • 240W: 11 Hrs

Solar Power Charge: 1250W MPPT 2.5 Hrs

Car Charge: 240W 26 Hrs

Best for Outdoor Cooling Lifestyle: Perfect Mark 2 port for seamless experience

  • Strong Mode: (240W) 10 Hrs
  • Cool Mode: (150W) 16 Hrs
  • Sleep Mode: (100W) 25 Hrs


  • Fast Charging in 2.5 Hours
  • 2500Wh Capacity, 2200W Output
  • 32% Weight Reduction. Weighs Only 40lbs
  • Applicable in Extreme Cold From -4F to 104F
  • Maximum Charge Protection
  • Energy-Saving Auto Sleep Mode
  • Built-in handles: No extra space is taken up. Serve as a temporary snack table.
  • Waterproof caps: Perfect for every port. Prevent dust and water.
  • Multifunctional ports: 11 high-performance output ports for your outdoor appliances' requirement.


      • Battery capacity: 2500Wh
      • Battery materials: NMC(Lithium-Nickel-Manganese Cobalt-Oxide)
      • Cycle life: 2300 Cycles (80%)

Dimensions & Weight:

      • Weight: 40 lbs/ 18.3 kg
      • Size: 12.9 ∗ 9.6 ∗ 11.3 in / 32.8 ∗ 24.4 ∗28.7 cm


      • Auto-sleep switch(US): ON/OFF (US)
      • AC frequency(JP): 60Hz/50Hz (JP)
      • Charge/ Discharge Percentage: 90%/100%


      • Recharging Temperature: 32-104 °F/ 0-40 °C
      • Operating Temperature: -4-104 °F/ -20-40 °C


      • AC input: 1250W:100-130V, 60Hz 12A (US V.), 600W:100-130V, 60Hz 6A (US V.), 240W:100-240V, 50/60Hz 3.5A
      • MPPT Solar energy input: Normal Charging, 12-30V 240W/10A Max, Fast Charging, 30-75V 1250W/26A Max
      • Car charger input: 12/24V from Cigarette Lighter Port, 240W/10A Max


      • AC sockets: 4
      • AC output: 2200W (surge 4400W)
      • USB-A outputs: 2
      • USB-C outputs: 2
      • Total number of sockets: 12
      • USB-A output: 5/9/12V, 18W QC3.0
      • USB-A fast charging: 5/9/12V, 18W QC3.0
      • USB-C output: 5/9/12/15/20V, 100W/5A Max, Bi-direction full PD, 5/9/12V, 18W Max
      • Automobile cigarette output: 10.5-13.4V, 300W/25A Max, in box accessory
      • DC 5521 output: 10.5-13.4V, 120W/10A Max
      • Supplement: 12V Anderson Port 10.5-13.4V, 300W/25A Max, 24V Anderson Port 19.5-25.2V, 500W/25A Max

Safety Protection: Overload, overcurrent, shortcircuit, overtemperature, lowtemperature protection

In The Box:

  • ElecHive 2500
  • User manual
  • 240W power supply
  • 12V Outlet adapter
  • Car Outlet charging cable

Our Story

Think Different: In 2014, our founder Max went on a camping trip. As he was sweating in the heat, he questioned why there is no suitable outdoor air conditioning for outdoor camping, especially in today's technological age. After research, Max realized that such demand exists, so he built a team to explore solutions.

In 2016, we designed a first real portable battery-powered air conditioner and gained support from through crowdfunding on Kickstarter. We far surpassed any of our expectations in fundraising. In 2019, we learned from the first generation experiences and mistakes and launched a more mature and better true battery-driven air conditioner, the Mark 2.

Luckily, the industry's top-grade professional suppliers cooperated with us and helped us along the way.

Zero Breeze was deeply influenced by "Apple's Think Different," the innovators, the dreamers; and our designs embodied this very spirit. We build for adventure, creating memories, and daring to disrupt the status quo.

2019: Learn from experiences and customer feedback

In 2019, we learned from our experiences to upgrade the first generation and introduced a more mature and better true battery-powered air conditioner, the Mark 2.

With a completely new product, we are leading the revolution in outdoor air conditioning through exhibitions and application exploration across a variety of industries.

2020: Professional air conditioning research and development institutions and manufacturers

We collaborate with a variety of professional structures and advanced professional research and development. In 2020, special inspection and production standards will be established. We also set up a special laboratory for battery air conditioning.

2021-2022: A step towards creating a more diverse range of outdoor products.

After two years of hard work, we have finally put ElecHive on the market. Finding a balance between size and capacity was a technical challenge for us. The ElecHive is a small-sized power station with a capacity of 2,500Wh, an MPPT of 1,250W, and an output of 2,200W. This is not only the best power supply for the Mark 2 but also for your off-grid life. We are dedicated to technological innovation for outdoor living, creating better solutions for outdoor conditions.

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