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Snow Peak Dock Dome Pro. 6 Tent Ivory - 6 Persons

Snow Peak Dock Dome Pro. 6 Tent Ivory - 6 PersonsSnow Peak Dock Dome Pro. 6 Tent Ivory - 6 Persons

Snow Peak Dock Dome Pro. 6 Tent Ivory - 6 Persons

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Part of the Snow Peak Ivory Series, The Dock Dome Pro 6 Ivory is a durable tent designed for families and groups. Use it for year-round outdoor trips, regardless of weather conditions. The white-colored tent allows light to come through, while still offering UV protection.

The Dock Dome Pro 6 Ivory can sleep up to four adults and two children, and the inner tent can be removed to create a roomy open-air shelter. The Dock Dome features large windows, mud skirt for keeping out rain and wall pockets for extra storage. Pair the Dock Dome Pro.6 Ivory with the Dock Dome Pro 6 Mat for extra insulation.


  • Fly Sheet: 75D Polyester Tuff, PU Coating 1,800mm, UV Cut Processing
  • Roof Sheet: 75D Polyester Tuff, PU Coating 1,800mm, UV Cut Processing
  • Inner Tent: 75D Polyester Ripstop, 300D Polyester Ox, PU Coating 10,000mm
  • Poles: Duralumin
  • Content:
    • Fly Sheet
    • Inner Tent
    • Long Poles x 4
    • Short Pole
    • Duralumin Pegs x 20
    • Universal Rope
    • Seam Rip Agent
    • Repair Pipe
    • Carrying Case
    • Pole Case
    • Peg Case


  • SKU: SD-507IV
  • Weight: 28.2 lbs (12.8 kg)
  • Size: L 16.8' W 9.8' H 4.5'
  • Peak Height: 70.8"
  • Capacity: 4-6 Person

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The rich environment naturally cultivates a strong connection to the outdoors, and Yamai was an accomplished mountaineer who repeatedly challenged himself on the peaks of the prefecture's famous Mt. Tanigawa. Yamai was dissatisfied with the current gear on the market and sought to create his own line of superior climbing products. He designed innovative equipment utilizing the highly skilled metal craftspeople in his hometown of Tsubame Sanjo, in the region of Niigata, an area known for its fine metalwork.

To this day, the dramatic landscape of Niigata inspires Snow Peak products and serves as home to Snow Peak's Global Headquarters.

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