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Orblife Crystal Facial Rollers

Orblife Crystal Facial RollersOrblife Crystal Facial RollersOrblife Crystal Facial RollersOrblife Crystal Facial RollersOrblife Crystal Facial RollersOrblife Crystal Facial Rollers

Orblife Crystal Facial Rollers

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Orb Facial Rollers are designed to be used to gently massage the face and stimulate the lymphatic system to decrease puffiness, ease tension and stimulate blood flow to increase your skin's glow.

Stone Properties

    Rose Quartz:

    • 1. Cell Regeneration and Healing: The crystal emits a vibration which releases tension, and encourages cell restoration. This is very helpful in reducing the appearance of scars.
    • 2. Increases Collagen Production: The rolling technique increases blood circulation while encouraging oxygen to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. This stimulates collagen production.
    • 3. Creates a Luminous Glow: The rose quartz smoothes wrinkles and improves the skin's elasticity, giving your complexion a luminous glow while allowing a deeper penetration of the serums or creams used in conjunction with the roller or Gua Sha.


    • 1. Relieves Stress, Anxiety and Negative Energy, When your stress levels are lower, you're healthier. Amethyst can curb inflammation and increase circulation.
    • 2. Brightens Skin: This gemstone helps to oxygenate the skin and leave behind brighter, less-damaged skin. Amethyst is great for hyperpigmentation and helps with melasma.
    • 3. Helps with Insomnia: Can be used before bedtime to improve sleep quality and energy. When used on the forehead, it can help with an overactive mind.


    • 1. Cleanse and Detoxifies: Its vibrations work to remove toxins and rejuvenate the skin. Particularly clogged skin can benefit from the detoxification properties of Jade.
    • 2. Soothes Skin: Jade can help reduce inflammation and excessive heat by opening up lymph clogs on the face and causes energy to flow.
    • 3. Reduces Redness: Improves circulation and creates a healthy glow. This gemstone is very helpful for rosacea skin types.

How to use the facial roller:

Glide the rollers from the center of the face in an upward and outward motion. Pro Tip: Put the roller in the freezer for 20 minutes beforehand.


  • Cell Regeneration and Healing
  • Increases Collagen Production
  • Relieves Stress, Anxiety and Negative Energy
  • Cleanse and Detoxifies
  • Reduces Redness

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