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Therm-ic Socks, Insoles & Gloves

Therm-ic boot heaters will keep your feet warm all day long. They're the inventors of heating systems for ski boots and now become the specialist for keeping winter sports enthusiasts warm from head to toe. Therm-ic boot heaters keep your warm and comfortable so you can concentrate 100% on the task at hand. Thinking about how cold your feet are is a thing of the past. Whether you are skiing, snowboarding or hiking in winter: warm feet perform better.

Therm-ic Boot Heaters can be installed in virtually every type of shoe, boot, ski boot or snowboard boot very simply. Therm-ic Boot Heaters have 4 different ThermicSoles and 7 different types of Therm-ic battery packs. If your boots have prewired boot heaters you can purchase just the Therm-ic Powerpack batteries.

Step 1: Determine the type of system you require

  • Therm-ic Powerpack/Smartpack ONLY: Some Ski and Snowboard boots are prewired for a Therm-ic Boot heater system. If your boots are preinstalled with a Therm-ic Heating System all you need is a Powerpack or Smartpack battery system. You can also view this section if you wish to upgrade your current Therm-ic setup.

  • ThermicSole Trimfit System with Powerpack/Smartpack: If you have custom molded insoles or a set of insoles that you prefer to keep, The Trimfit System with will install right on to your existing insoles. Combine the Trimfit insole system with any of their available battery systems for all day warmth and custom comfort.

  • ThermicSole Classic insoles with Powerpack/Smartpack: This is Therm-ic's most popular system. The ThermicSole Classic is flat and can easily be cut to any shoe size with a pair of household scissors. Choose this system if you are looking for a prewired insole that's extremely easy to install.

  • ThermicSole Perform with Powerpack/Smartpack: The sole does not just keep you warm. Its anatomic 3D shape with stabilization line also improves your balance and power distribution. Moreover, the high-quality insole material ensures the perfect temperature for your feet. This system comes in different sizes so no cutting is necessary and the heating elements are prewired in the Toe area of the insole. Combine the ThermicSole Perform system with any of their available battery systems for all day warmth and superior support.