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Bulk HotHands® Adhesive Foot Warmers | 8 Displays, 128 Pair

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Stock up and save with our bulk offering of HotHands Adhesive Foot Warmers. We've got you covered, whether you're organizing a cold weather event or making sure your employees are warm in cold conditions. Each pair lasts up to 9 hours and provides fast heat that doesn't need to be recharged or reheated. They're safe to use, convenient to pack in a backpack or toolbox and can be disposed of with regular trash. HotHands are made with natural ingredients that don't harm the environment and have a 4 year shelf life if stored in a cool, dry place.  

Warmer Features:

  • Ready to use
  • Adhesive
  • Air activated
  • Safe, natural heat
  • Heats up 15-30 minutes after opening
  • Safe to dispose of with regular garbage; ingredients will not harm the environment
  • 128 pair of warmers per case
  • TSA approved

Warmer Specifications:

  • Duration: Up To 9 Hours (actual duration depends on usage and storage conditions)
  • Weight: 0.156 lbs (71 g)
  • Size: One size fits most
  • Dimensions: 4.31in x 9.75in (11 cm x 24.7 cm)
  • Average Temperature: 99 F (37 C)
  • Maximum Temperature: 109 F (43 C)
  • Ingredients: Iron, water, vermiculite, charcoal, polymer & salt
  • Country of Origin: Japan

HotHands and Grabber are just two of the brands manufactured by Kobayashi America. HotHands and Grabber are single use, disposable, air-activated heaters for your hands, ears, body and feet. Kobayashi has its origins in 1886 in Nagoya, Japan as a wholesaler for OTC medicine. Over 100 years later, Hothands were introduced to the USA, and have become the go-to brand for thin and environmentally-friendly body warmers. Just expose the warmer to oxygen and enjoy hours of battery-free heat. When done, just toss the warmer into the trash!

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