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TechKewl Phase Change Crown Cooler

TechKewl Phase Change Crown Cooler

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The 6622 Techniche TechKewl Crown Cooler is a high quality and user friendly crown cooler which is ideal for helping to keep the temperature around your head at an even range at all times. This crown cooler is designed to be attached to a hard hat liner with its hook and loop attachments, and can easily maintain a steady temperature of 58F (14C) during your work period to help reduce the risk of overheating or stop heat exhaustion setting in. Available in an S/XL size, this Techniche head protection is perfect for fitting most sized heads for added versatility. Sealed in a high strength polyurethane construction, it can easily provide a highly durable design that is perfect for withstanding against demanding working environments. For continuous relief additional inserts can be used.

  • Maintains a steady temperature of 58F (14C)
  • Sealed in high strength polyurethane
  • Available in a S/XL size
  • Available in blue
  • Includes one CoolPax Phase Change Cooling insert
  • It is recommended purchasing a spare cooling insert (SKU# 6664) to keep you cool for a longer duration



SKU 6622
Vendor SKU 6622
Color Blue/Silver
Material Cotton, Polyurethane
UPC 816230012597
Brand Techniche

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