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Zanier Hot GTX Women's Heated Mittens
Zanier Hot GTX Women's Heated MittensZanier Hot GTX Women's Heated MittensZanier Hot GTX Women's Heated MittensWatch Video

Zanier Hot GTX Women's Heated Mittens

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The NEW GENERATION Austrian design and upgrades come as a great value.  Not surprising, the Zanier family continues to enhance its Heat.GTX MITTENS so we may enjoy life and all that we do to the fullest.  The Zanier Heated MITTENS is the World's First Ski MITTENS with Adjustable Processor-Controlled Heating.  

The ZANIER Heat Technology is based on advanced textile heating elements and a unique control system. The robust Lithium Ion batteries that weigh just 60g provide heat at 3 different levels for up to 10 hours. They are invisibly concealed in the collar of the MITTENS and you can hardly feel them. The MITTENS's heating is easy to operate with a single switch on the upper section of the hand. The flame-shaped LED lamp displays the selected level of heat (yellow, orange, red). The supplied charging unit charges the batteries up again overnight.

The MITTENS heating unit is robust and resistant to hard impacts. The heated MITTENS can also be used without heating. Top materials are only used: finest goats' leather; 4-way-stretch for comfort; soft, light-weight and warm ZA-loft insulation; Gore-Tex® membrane for dry hands; Leash.


  • Li-Ion Dual Batteries
           Small, lightweight 60g, rechargeable, waterproof, shock resistant, efficient & hidden away

  • Global Charger
           U.S. and Euro adapters included

  • External Button Temperature Control
           Easy operation without removing MITTENS
  • Visible Lighting displays Heat setting 
           Yellow, Orange, and Red
           Insulation is extremely soft, warm and light insuring optimal climate in your MITTENS and wonderfully comfortable. 
  • Gore-Tex 
           Keeps hands warm and dry, ideal for cold conditions, durable with  waterproof protection
  • ScotchGuard Protector 
           Provides maximum water and stain repellency keeping leather looking better longer
  • Palm 
           100% Goatskin Leather
  • Shell 
          100% Goatskin Leather & Polyester
  • Stretch
          ZA Stretch, 4-way Stretch for comfort, a pleasure to wear




Approximate Time Guide

Setting Max
Duration Range
1 37C/99F** 8-10 hrs


45C/113F** 4-5 hrs
3 62C/144F** 2-2.5 hrs

Most use this setting
**Measured on heating element in laboratory


Zanier size chart

ZANIER develops winter sports accessories in close cooperation with the consumer-to-be, with outstanding athletes. Our products have been developed and tested in the heart of the Dolomites – this makes them authentic and true. 

We are proud of our cooperation with pro-riders! Their feedback is important for the product-development. Technological progress, innovation and competence are foremost concerns for ZANIER.  


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