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Soothe Aches & Pains
Wonder Warmers XL Rectangle + Adjustable Strap
Wonder Warmers XL Rectangle + Adjustable StrapWonder Warmers XL Rectangle + Adjustable StrapWonder Warmers XL Rectangle + Adjustable Strap

Wonder Warmers XL Rectangle + Adjustable Strap

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About Wonder Warmers
A Wonder Warmers\xAC match made in heaven! Get the XL Rectangle + Adjustable Strap combo to soothe aches & pains on the go... in style. Ideal for your back, stomach, leg, shoulder, spleen\x83 The strap can hold the pad anywhere.

The XL Rectangle is great for larger areas where you are experiencing pain or stiffness. If you want to apply heat on the go, use the Adjustable Strap which can easily wrap around your waist, arm or leg.

  • \xB4 Includes 1 XL rectangle pad and 1 adjustable strap
  • \xB4 Pad Size: 9.8" x 6.1"
  • \xB4 Strap Size: 50.0" x 6.8"
  • \xB4 Estimated Heat time: 1 hr
  • \xB4 Reuse 100+ Times
  • \xB4 Soothe Aches & Pains
  • \xB4 Relax Muscles

    Once the metal disk in a Wonder Warmer\xAC is pressed, the liquid in the pad crystallizes in a chemical reaction that is fascinating to watch and generates heat for 30 minutes to over 2 hours depending on the pad\xCDs size, construction, and insulation, and the temperature outside.

    Wonder Warmers\xAC are \xF1recharged\xEE by boiling it for approx. 5 - 12 minutes (i.e. Until all of the crystals melt back into their original liquid state). If all of the crystals are not melted, the pad will activate on its own as it cools.
  • What are Wonder Warmers\xAC made of? Wonder Warmers\xAC are made of a PVC pouch, which contains a small steel disk and a solution of water and a type of salt, which is non-toxic.
  • How long will my Wonder Warmers\xAC generate heat? Your Wonder Warmers\xAC will generate heat from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on their size and how well you insulate them.
  • How can I maximize my Wonder Warmers\xAC heating time? Insulating your Wonder Warmers\xAC by keeping them in your pocket, sleeping bag, or any other type of heat retaining wrap will prolong their heating time. You should also knead your Wonder Warmers\xAC after activation to increase their temperature and keep them soft and malleable.
  • How many times can I use my Wonder Warmers\xAC? Wonder Warmers\xAC can typically be used well over one hundred times. You should be able to use your Wonder Warmer\xAC until its PVC pouch is punctured.
  • What happens if one of my Wonder Warmers \xAC pouches is punctured? If your Wonder Warmer\xAC is punctured while it is in the liquid state it will activate for the last time. Damaged pads should be promptly disposed of.
  • What are the crystals that sometimes appear in my Wonder Warmers\xAC? Crystals may sometimes form in your Wonder Warmers\xAC due to evaporation if they are stored in their crystal state (i.e. as opposed to being stored in the liquid state as recommended). These crystals will not materially impact the effectiveness of your Wonder Warmers\xAC and can be dissolved by boiling your Wonder Warmers\xAC for longer periods and allowing them to cool in water. Go to top
  • Why does my Wonder Warmer\xAC crystallize on its own shortly after I boil it? When recharging your Wonder Warmer\xAC you must boil it until ALL the crystals in the pad are fully dissolved. If you still see some crystals in the pad after you boil it, apply some pressure to the stubborn crystals and/or boil the pad for a few more minutes to dissolve them. If ALL the crystals are not dissolved, the pad will self-activate as it cools.
  • Can I use my Wonder Warmers\xAC as cold packs? Your Wonder Warmer\xAC can be used as a cold pack. You should place your Wonder Warmer\xAC in the refrigerator for an hour or more to chill it before use. However, you should not place your Wonder Warmer\xAC in a freezer as it will self activate.

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