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Venture Heat Battery Heated Gloves - City Collection
Venture Heat Battery Heated Gloves - City CollectionVenture Heat Battery Heated Gloves - City CollectionVenture Heat Battery Heated Gloves - City CollectionWatch Video

Venture Heat Battery Heated Gloves - City Collection

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Product Description
Venture Battery Heated Gloves: City Collection / SoftShell Heated Gloves

The City Collection Battery Heated Gloves are the perfect marriage between warmth and mobility. The slim fit design gives you the freedom to move your fingers effortless while the hair-thin heating elements provide supreme warmth to your hand.

These highly versatile gloves are a must have for anyone spending time out in the cold. Venture Heat City Collection Glove Specs:
  • Power: BX-25 Battery
  • Heating: Low = 4 Hours, Medium = 3.5 Hours, High = 2 Hours
  • Hours of heated comfort
  • Fitted, slim design
  • One touch temperature controller
Lithium-Ion Battery Included: The lightweight rechargeable battery can power continuous heat for up to 5 hours per charge. Extend your time outdoors with increased comfort without having to worry about freezing fingers.

Temperature Controller: With the temperature controller built into the slim battery, you can select 4 different heat settings through the clear window on top of the liner without even having to take it off.

Heat right where you need it most: The heating elements are carefully positioned on top of each of your fingers to allow the heat to be circulated throughout your hand for complete comfort and warmth which gives your hands the protection they need.

Form-Fitting Adaptable Design: You no longer have to choose between warmth and dexterity because of the gloves' ergonomic design you retain all of the nimbleness within your digits while your hands are kept warm.

ADDHEAT Technology: The battery powered heating system generates active heat though soft, flexible heating panels integrated with hair-thin micro-alloy fibers. This design efficiently spreads heat throughout your hand for quick, and consistent heat levels.

Battery Heated Glove Liners - City Collection
The warranty period for Venture Heat products is as follows:
  • Battery Heated Clothing - 12 Months
  • 12V Power Sports Gear - 12 Months
  • Heat Therapy Wraps - 12 Months
  • Batteries - 6 Months

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