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Therm-ic ThermicSole Classic, PowerPack Max

Therm-ic ThermicSole Classic, PowerPack Max

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Product Description
Therm-ic Max battery boot heaters with Classic insoles.

Therm-ic Max battery boot heaters with Classic heated insoles can be your best friend for warm feet. We've found it's the best way to keep your feet warm while enjoying the out doors. By getting the Therm-ic Max with Classic insoles, you make installation easy.

Therm-ic Max features

  • • You can easily install them yourself. You won't need to pay someone to do it for you. It took us about 60 minutes to do the initial installation in both boots.
  • • Comfortable warmth: Up to 16 hours with freshly charged batteries. The 1600 nickel metal hydride batteries can be charged up to 1000 times.
  • • 3 heat settings that allow you to determine how much heat you want and determine how long your batteries last.
  • • Low setting: 33C or 91F and lasts up to 16 hours.
  • • Medium setting: 40C or 104F and lasts 7.5 hours.
  • • High setting: 65C or 149F and lasts 2.8 hours.

    Power & duration is based on freshly charged batteries. Keep in mind you don't have the power on all day. Just when it's needed. For instance, you would turn the power off when inside for lunch break.

    You'll receive

  • • Instructions on how to use.
  • • 2- nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries with clips.
  • • Battery specs- weight 4.9 ounces, size- 2 3/4" high x 2 1/2" wide x 1" deep.
  • • 1 battery charger: for charging the batteries in North America. For charging the batteries outside North America, you'll need a power converter.
  • • 2 Classic insoles: with connecting wires and heating elements built into the toes. The insoles are only an 1/8 of an inch thick and all you do is trim to fit.

    The insoles fit

  • • Mondo ski boot sizes: 22.0 - 31.5.
  • • USA men's: 5 - 13.5.
  • • USA ladies: 6 - 11.5.
  • • UK sizes: 36 - 48.

    Therm-ic offers a 1 year manufactures warranty from any manufacture defect.

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