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TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Dog Coat - Replacement Inserts S/M

TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Dog Coat - Replacement Inserts S/M

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Product Description
About TechKewl
About Cooling Vests
  • Contents: 1 Cool Pax
  • Replacement For: TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Dog Coat 8626

    TechKewl by Techniche International:
    • Submerge PCM inserts in ice water for up to 45 minutes, or place in a freezer, until solid.
    • Return inserts to garment pockets.
    • Wear; repeat steps as needed (or use additional inserts for continuous relief).
  • TechKewl Phase Change Cooling: This advanced technology uses specially designed inserts containing our Phase Change Material (PCM) which releases long-lasting, temperature-specific (58 degrees F, 14 degrees C), cooling relief designed to fit inside our garments. Typical applications include industrial safety, construction, emergency services, military, outdoor recreation, equine, mascots and therapeutic.

    Who are cooling vests for?

    At The Warming Store we have cooling vests available for a range of activities and uses.

    • Construction workers, gardeners and anyone else who works outside during the summer
    • Military personnel
    • People suffering from medical conditions with heat sensitivity
    • Motorcyclists
    • Sportsmen and sportswomen
    • Emergency Services
    • Anyone who wants to enjoy the summer without being overwhelmed by heat


    How do they work?

    We have 3 styles of cooling vests which work in different ways to help you keep your cool.


    Evaporative Cooling Vest

    These use the natural effect of evaporation to cool you down.  When these vests are placed into water the specially made non-toxic  material absorbs hundreds of times its weight in water.  This stored water is then slowly released.  In hot areas this water will start to evaporate.  As it does it the heat from the wearer is transferred into the air helping to reduce your temperature.

    • Light weight.
    • Easy to use throughout the day.  If it dries out all you have to do is submerge in to water for hours more cooling.
    • No electricity is required making them perfect for people on the move.
    • The most affordable form of cooling vest.

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    Phase Changing Vests

    These non-toxic vests have a large pocket front and back in which a refrigerated, frozen, water or air conditioned cooled pack can be inserted.  This flexible cooled pack will then help reduce the wearers’ temperature for up to 4 hours.  These inserts can be refrozen as and when necessary.  Each vest comes with one set of packs.  For all day cooling we suggest ordering extra packs which can be kept in a freezer or cooler until it is necessary to exchange them.

    • Hard wearing.
    • Works in high humidity.
    • Each cool pack can be reused.
    • Does not produce condensation.
    • Typically provides a cooler temperature than evaporative cooling vests.

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    Pumped Water Cooling Shirts

    These are the most advanced and the coolest of the cooling vests.  Based on technology developed by NASA, these shirts work by circulating cool water through non-kink tubing around the wearer’s body.  As this water moves through the system it takes the heat away from the body cooling you down.   This water then flows back through the System Unit to a reserve of ice cold water.  The circulating water automatically cools before being re-circulated around the vest.

    • Come in different power options including 12v, battery and standard outlet.
    • Provide a cooler temperature than both evaporative and phase changing cooling vests.
    • Works in high humidity.
    • Available as shirts and vests
    • Can be used as rehabilitation stations for construction workers or emergency services

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