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SurgeCool Cooling Vest Pro
SurgeCool Cooling Vest ProSurgeCool Cooling Vest ProSurgeCool Cooling Vest Pro

SurgeCool Cooling Vest Pro

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About SurgeCool

SurgeCool Cooling Vest Pro: Instant and long lasting circulative cooling effect. Extremely light and ergonomic design, ensuring your easy activity. Easy to operate, maintain and extend cooling effect.


  • Instant and Long lasting Cooling effect: Our patented circulative cooling system and specially designed polymer ice pack enables cooling effect to last up to 2 hours at 65F - 72F under the hot climate above 91F.
  • Ease of Maintenence: Our advanced technology in coolant and circulation design ensure easiness in maintenance by eliminating any need of refilling or adding coolant.
  • Easy to Wearm Act and Extend: Our ergonomic design and light weight (less than 1kg) maximize adaptability to any working condition; You can wear with either front or back side depending on work preference. Easy to rotate while wearing. You can extend cooling condition by simple change of ice packs with USB rechargeable battery.

Recommended for:

  • Workers under the high temperature working condition
  • Outdoor workers
  • Outdoor sports enthusiasts
  • Military and police personnels

We will be the market leader providing innovative cooling, beauty and healthcare devices through our dedicated research on personal cooling technologies which enable pleasant and healthy living conditions for all mankind.

Your Personal Cooling Solution.

"SurgeCool" is the representative brand of SurgiLab, Inc. The compound word made up of "Surge" and "Cool" is coined to manifest our commitment to providing the best personal cooloing solution in the world.

SurgiLab, Inc is constantly researching state-of-the-art technology to become the world's leading company in the personal cooling industry.

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