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SurgeCool Cooling Liquid Refill - 4L Gallon

SurgeCool Cooling Liquid Refill - 4L Gallon

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About SurgeCool

SurgeCool Sports Liquid Refill is an economical and large-capacity package of SurgeCool Sports Cooling Spray for heavy users. It can be used for both personal and industry use.


  • Upon spraying, evaporative reaction triggers immediate temperature reduction.
  • The power of L-menthol has you feeling cooler even as you sweat.
  • Menthol residue maintains cooling sensation.

We will be the market leader providing innovative cooling, beauty and healthcare devices through our dedicated research on personal cooling technologies which enable pleasant and healthy living conditions for all mankind.

Your Personal Cooling Solution.

"SurgeCool" is the representative brand of SurgiLab, Inc. The compound word made up of "Surge" and "Cool" is coined to manifest our commitment to providing the best personal cooloing solution in the world.

SurgiLab, Inc is constantly researching state-of-the-art technology to become the world's leading company in the personal cooling industry.

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