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Wagan Solar e Charger? 2.1A + 4000 mAh

Wagan Solar e Charger? 2.1A + 4000 mAh

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This Solar e Charger™ with built-in Li-ion battery can support anything up to 3 watts. Also includes four extra adapters, making this unit perfect for nearly any phone.


  • Recharges mobile electronics via sun
  • Built-in Li-ion battery fully recharges in 5-8 hours via sun
  • Recharges battery in 2-3 hours via AC adapter
  • Indicator lights when unit is ready to deliver power (either from DC or solar) and when batteries are charged
  • Uses superior monocrystalline solar cells
  • DC Output settings: 4.5 V, 5.4 V, 6.4 V, 9.0 V
  • (2x) USB outputs
  • Included accessories: AC & DC chargers, cell phone tips


  • Solar Panel: 5.5 V at 0.3 A
  • Power at Full Sun: 1.6 W
  • Battery capacity: 3.7 V, 4 Ah
  • Total USB Output: 5 V, 1.0 A
  • Product Dimensions
    - Closed: 5.0 x 3.3 x 0.97 in. (12.7 x 8.4 x 2.5 cm)
    - Opened: 5.0 x 6.0 x 0.5 in. (12.7 x 15.2 x 1.3 cm)
  • Weight: 7.2 oz (204 g)
It was in 1983 when WAGAN Corporation entered the market and saw the need for innovation in the automotive accessory business as well as a need for quality products to fit in today's high-tech and busy lifestyle. During the early 1990’s WAGAN introduced the “Wooden Bead Seat Cover” (WBSC) and sold about 4 million pieces each year. The WBSC was distributed everywhere from department stores and retail chains from Sears, The Sharper Image, and Safeway, to convenient stores and neighborhood drugstores. Gearing towards today’s mobile professional, the WAGAN Tech™ Mobile Consumer Electronics and Power Inverter series are used in vehicles and planes to run electronic appliances as if they are running in a SOHO environment. WAGAN's Power Supply line provides emergency power for household appliances, computers, and fax machines for the unexpected blackouts or simply while traveling. Now, as WAGAN Tech Line, products are making the consumer driving experience comfortable as well as enjoyable. Our products are making it easier for today's mobile professionals to do their job and fulfill their needs. We are constantly developing new products to tailor the vehicles into tomorrow's high-tech "Office-on-the-Go".
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