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Rossignol Winter's Fire Heated Ski Gloves - Women's
Rossignol Winter's Fire Heated Ski Gloves - Women'sRossignol Winter's Fire Heated Ski Gloves - Women'sRossignol Winter's Fire Heated Ski Gloves - Women'sRossignol Winter's Fire Heated Ski Gloves - Women's

Rossignol Winter's Fire Heated Ski Gloves - Women's

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About Rossignol
Rossignol battery heated men's gloves are great for skiing or just walking the dog. The three level heating system allows you to adjust the heat settings with a push of a button on the gloves gauntlet.


All right men. Now you can have warm hands because having heat in your gloves is the best way to keep your hands warm. The Rossignol Winter's Heat battery heated men's gloves not only keep your hands warm, but they look good on or off the slopes.

Rossignol men's Winter's Heat Battery Heated Glove features...

  • The Heating elements go 3/4 of the way into the fingers and thumb to keep the fingers and thumbs warm and help with circulation.
  • One small Lithium ion battery is tucked away neatly in an inside pouch on the underside of the wrist.
  • You can choose from 3 Heating Levels which are controled by a single easy to use button on the back of the glove and help you determine the amount of heat and longevity you require.

    THREE heat settings! On low setting- you'll receive up to 5 hours of heat.
    On medium setting- you'll receive up to 4 hours of heat.
    On high setting- you'll receive up to 3 hours of heat.


Keep in mind you don't use the heat all the time. You can turn it off when you go inside for a break or for lunch. And if your hands aren't cold, turn off the heat and save the battery for when you need it.


  • The battery recharger will charge both batteries at the same time in less than 3 hours. The battery recharger works only in North America.
  • FIBRELOFT insulation along with a Hot Solar Blanket liners help keep the heat in and keep your hands warm.
  • A DRYPEL waterproof insert, along with waterproof goat skin leather fingers help keep your hands dry.
  • Need storage? A waterproof zippered pocket on the back of the hand allows you to store small items or when unzipped, allows for extra heat evaporation on warmer days.
  • COLOR- Black with some gray piping.
  • SIZING- This is a men's glove, not a unisex so it fits true to size. 
  • The gloves have a ONE YEAR WARRANTY on any manufacture defect.

You'll have a hard time finding a heated glove at this quality at this price. These gloves are comfortable to wear and offer plenty of warmth.


Boasting more than 100 years of history, Rossignol is among the oldest and most highly respected ski brands in the world. Rossignol’s story is marked by humble origins, innovative design, and more World Cup and Olympic racing victories than you’d care to count. And although the Rossignol brand has changed and evolved over the last 100 years, it is still actively shaping the future of skiing with innovative boots, bindings, and skis like the award-winning Soul 7. 


2-yr limited warranty


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