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Pet Therapeutics

Our story starts with a dog.

When our black lab Skylar was a puppy, my daughter turned to me and said, 'Look, Dad, it’s like he’s hugging me with his eyes.'As Skylar (and my kids) grew, he continued to melt our hearts with his funny face, wagging tail and sweet nuzzles. Now, he’s our furry Buddha – unconditionally loving, totally non-judgmental and always living in the present moment. Skylar has given us so much love and laughter through the years, we thought it was time to give him (and every other amazing dog out there) something in return. So we looked around at the latest technology in comfort for humans – and thought, 'Hey, don’t our dogs deserve this too?' And so began our obsession to create PetTherapeutic comfort pads.

Human comfort has always been our inspiration – if thermal reflective heat is all the rage for keeping people warm, then why shouldn’t dogs benefit from that too? If we sleep on orthopedic, memory foam mattresses, then our dogs deserve that same comfort. Cooling gel mattresses are another innovation for people…and now it’s gone to the dogs. We even went so far as to have our brilliant team of engineers develop a therapeutic magnetic pad so our older dogs could rest easy. We confess, every product we developed, we did it out of love.

That’s why we say our products are “engineered for comfort, motivated by love.” Pure, crazy, unconditional love for our dogs.