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Pawleys Island Presidential Size Polyester Rope Hammock
Pawleys Island Presidential Size Polyester Rope HammockPawleys Island Presidential Size Polyester Rope Hammock

Pawleys Island Presidential Size Polyester Rope Hammock

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Product Description
About Pawley's Island Hammocks

With our family-size Presidential hammock, you fully appreciate the crucial role of these hole-drilled bars of warmly varnished oak. Even as the hammock’s ropes gently cocoon directly around your reclining body, that pair of spreaders holds this oversize beauty open wide, so you never feel uncomfortably confined. Instead, the sense is one of supreme support, yet with the freedom to just roll around and wallow. Polyester rope means heightened weatherability yet cottony softness, so your family is set to comfortably wallow on and on and on ...

Additional Features

  • Most durable
  • Largest Rope Hammock
  • Hand-woven soft-spun bright-white polyester 3-ply rope
  • Handcrafted since 1889
  • Soft spun white polyester



  • Item Width: 65"
  • Item Length: 82"
  • Item Weight: 22
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight Capacity: 450 Pounds
  • Hardware: Includes (2) Zinc-plated chains and (2) Tree hooks
  • Hanging Distance: 14-16'
  • Hanging Height: 4'
  • Bed Length:6' 10"
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Care: Use Oxyclean or a Mild Detergent, Water and a Soft Scrub Brush

Pillow Sold Separately

Cotton rope is just so... yesterday! And really, so are we! The first Pawleys Island cotton-rope hammock, handcrafted by South Carolina riverboat captain Joshua John "Cap'n Josh" Ward in 1889, remains the heart of our brand even now, more than a century down the line. We've seen countless copies and knockoffs of Cap'n Josh's inspired design through the years, yet in the end, there's only ever been one Original. Since those now-distant days of Cap'n Josh, we've continually improved upon our core materials and, where it's made sense to, expanded our line of products. In addition to our classic cotton-rope Original, we now also offer rope hammocks in all-weather, cottony-soft DuraCord and soft-spun white polyester, as well as a selection of richly designed fabric hammocks, hammock-inspired swings, hammock stands, swing stands and key relaxation accessories. So while you may not have come to our brand in the same way you might have in years gone by, please know that our promise to you remains the same today as it has been for more than 120 years now: craftsmanship, quality and tradition woven together in a slice of that relaxed live-oak lifestyle of the old coastal South, right there in your own back yard, wherever in the world your own back yard may be!

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