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Kozi Natural Organic Eyes Pillow
Kozi Natural Organic Eyes PillowKozi Natural Organic Eyes PillowKozi Natural Organic Eyes PillowKozi Natural Organic Eyes PillowKozi Natural Organic Eyes Pillow

Kozi Natural Organic Eyes Pillow

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Kozi Natural Eyes Pillow

Eye pillows were originally used in Asia to stimulate acupressure points around the eyes and to bring relaxation to the entire body. Kozi Natural Eyes contain a special blend of rejuvenating herbs which in ten minutes can provide the same relaxation as an hour of sleep. The perfect size, weight and cool temperature to bring relief to tired eyes and busy minds. Use Kozi Natural Eyes cold by placing the Kozi Natural Eyes in a resealable plastic bag in the freezer for 2 hours. Clean - Wipe with damp cloth. Store - Keep Kozi in a dry cool place in a resealable plastic bag to increase longevity.

Herbal Concepts
100 % All Natural Aromatherapy

Within the walls of the fabled
 Kozi, Ancient Temple of Healing, Eastern masters have long studied sacred techniques to restore balance & energy to body, mind and spirit.  They discovered that applying a combination of herbal essence, temperature & pressure to specific zones in the body would stimulate the flow of natural healing energy - restoring their subjects to a perfectly balanced state of relaxation.


We have scoured the globe to find the right combination of aromatic herbs, soothing fabrics & thermal activators that possess the unique rejuvenating properties prescribed by the sages of Kozi.  We have identified the body's 7 Energy Activation Zones (Eyes / Neck / Neck & Shoulder / Back / Lower Back / Hands / Feet) - when  properly stimulated through the science of Thermapeutic Care - can speed healing & relaxation.  (It wouldn't hurt to send the kids to the neighbors' house & put on some soft music.)


So whether in the office, at home, or anywhere you find your own temple of peace in this modern jungle, be Kozi.

 ...And now we've added Kozi Natural, 100% Organic Cotton Fleece fabric and our all natural herbs & grains.  An all natural match made in the 
Ancient Temple of 
Herbal Concepts Herbs

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