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KewlFlow Circulatory Cooling Vest
KewlFlow Circulatory Cooling VestKewlFlow Circulatory Cooling Vest

KewlFlow Circulatory Cooling Vest

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About KewlFlow

The KewlFlow vest works alongside the KewlFlow backpack or cooler to circulate cold water around the wearer’s body.  With the choice of cooling units the KewlFlow vest takes personal cooling to the next level!  

How it Works

KewlFlow products use a combination of ice water and pumps to push cold water through special tubes built into vests. This allows for a continuous flow of cool water around the upper body, keeping the user cool and comfortable in any condition. The ice cooler or backpack that holds the ice and water can be easily refilled for continuous cooling over extended periods.

KewlFlow Vest

How to Activate 

Each vest, back pack or cooler comes with a detailed instruction guide. For best results, combine both water and ice in the container and turn on system to begin circulating the cool water.

  • 100% Polyester Mesh with integrated circulatory tubing
  • Zipper front with elastic girth adjustments
  • Easy to use quick connectors allow for convenient operation
  • Insulated tubing and manifolds enable maximum cooling
  • Vest can be powered by portable back pack or static cooler
  • Can operate with variable power sources (battery, 12V, 110AC)

KewlFlow System

KewlFlow Backpack and Cooler sold separately.

KewlFlow is a subsidurery of TechNiche International. They have grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of Cooling Vests in the world.  Their products are distributed in over 50 countries worldwide with distribution centers in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 

Their products continue to be enjoyed by a wide range of users.  Whether you work outside, exercise outdoors, compete as an athlete or simply use their products to make your life more comfortable, TechNiche International have a wide variety of performance solutions for you.

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