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Keis Heavy Duty Controller

Keis Heavy Duty Controller

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Water-resistant(Ingress Protection Rating: IP65) heat controller with current overload protection. For the ultimate flexibility, our Heavy Duty Controller enables you to control any number of Keis components up to a current draw of 10A.

All Keis Heated Vests, Bodywarmers and Jackets (excluding the leisure J801) are supplied out of the box with a 'link wire' in place of a heat controller, and deliver full power. Optional On/Off switch and Heat Controllers (Heavy-Duty or 'Light-Duty Inline') are available to provide control according to your specific use and/or the conditions.

How to use the Keis Heavy-Duty and 'Light-Duty Inline' Heat Controller.

Note the 'Light-Duty Inline' controller is only for use with Keis Inner Gloves or Insoles. The Heavy-Duty controller is suitable for Keis Vests, Bodywarmers, and Jackets. When the Heavy-Duty controller Keis Heat Controller built into the Keis Heated Armoured Gloves is used with the Vest, Bodywarmer or Jacket the 'link wire' situated in the Controller Pocket should be removed and replaced with the Heavy-Duty controller. The Controller Pocket is designed to store the Heavy-Duty controller when a desired setting has been selected.


  • Three heat settings with LED indicator: 33% (green), 66% (amber), and 100% (red)
  • Water resistant (Ingress Protection Rating: IP65)
  • 10A Current overload protection
  • When the clothing (or accessories) are first connected to the power source, all the LEDs on the Heat Controller will flash for about 2 seconds, and then appear blank (no lights illuminating)
  • To Switch On: Pressing and holding the button for about one second will switch the Heat Controller on, defaulting to the Hi setting (Red), or the MAX setting (blue) - for the Inline controller
  • Pressing the button again will scroll through the Med (Amber) and Low (Green) settings and back to Hi
  • To Switch Off: Press and hold the button for approx 2 seconds
  • The Heat Controller lights will switch off, confirming that the garment is now off
  • Ensure the controller is kept dry at all times

Technical Data:

  • Voltage: 12V only
  • Power Capacity: 150W Maximum

Please Note: The Keis Heavy duty Controller cannot be used in conjunction with any other integral or external Controller.

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