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Venture Heat FIR Heating Pads

After a long day at work, you deserve to relax and heal all your body�s aches and pains. Activate your body�s natural healing processes with heat therapy products by Venture Heat. The far infrared ray (FIR) home heating pads transform light energy from the sun into therapeutic heat energy to help soothe tension and stress. We offer infrared heating pads for body parts that are commonly under stress like shoulder, back, and knees.

You can relax your muscles on the go with our battery operated heating pads . Whether you�re traveling or working an active job, relieve stress and tension in your muscles with infrared heat therapy. Most portable Venture Heat Infrared Heat Wraps are rechargeable making it easier to naturally heal while you�re traveling.

Most of our products also offer important safety features like personalized temperature controllers and automatic safety timers to ensure that you�re healing with the perfect amount of heat.

Browse through our battery-operated and home healing pads for natural heat therapy.