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HealthyLine InfraMat Pro Rainbow Mat with Chakra Symbols Chakra-Mat Small 4224 Firm - PEMF

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The Next Generation of the World Class Rainbow Mat is Here.

  • Hot Stone Therapy
  • Far Infrared Therapy
  • Negative Ion Therapy
  • PEMF Therapy
  • Chakra Balancing

The Chakra Mat is a device made entirely out of natural elements - gemstones, far infrared rays, and a pulsed electromagnetic field system all combine to provide an experience that helps balance and cleanse the seven chakra points. Each chakra energy center influences specific aspects of your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. When all of your chakras are perfectly balanced and cleansed, your body operates in an optimal state in which reaching a deeper understanding and acceptance of yourself is possible.

Each device has a smart controller that gives you the ability to customize your experience. You can select the exact temperature to the degree in a range from 55 to 155-degrees Fahrenheit. You can choose time cycle settings to make overnight usage simple.

On a physical level, heating the gemstones creates a surface that relieves discomfort and tension in your muscles, joints, and tissue. The heat elevates your local blood circulation and relaxes you in a way that helps free your mind from any worries.

We have chosen 7 different gemstones - amethyst, sodalite, blue lace agate, green aventurine, yellow aventurine, carnelian, and red jasper. When heated, these gemstones emit a unique frequency that pairs with each of the inner chakras. Bringing balance and clarity to your chakras unlocks your wellness potential.

Chakras dictate everything from your happiness to your wellness. If one thing is out of line, your whole life can be impacted. Make sure you take the necessary steps to get the most out of your life and living each day to its fullest.


  • 0.6 lbs of Amethyst
  • 0.6 lbs of Sodalite
  • 1.2 lbs of Blue Lace Agate
  • 0.6 lbs of Green Aventurine
  • 0.6 lbs of Yellow Aventurine
  • 0.6 lbs of Carnelian
  • 0.8 lbs of Red Jasper
  • Tension and Muscle Relaxing Hot Stone Therapy
  • Calming Negative Ion Therapy, a range of up to 700/cc
  • Deep Penetrating Far Infrared Rays Therapy, a range of at least 5-14 um
  • Wellness Enhancing PEMF Therapy, 7.8 Hz frequency (operated independently)
  • Natural Chakra Balancing and Cleansing Therapy


  • Approx. Size: 42" x 24" x 1.2" (105 cm x 60 cm x 3 cm)
  • Approx. Weight: 13 lbs (6 kg); comes with a carrying case
  • LED Display Controller: Time and Temperature settings
  • EMF Protection: Advanced filtration system and extra EMF-blocking layers
  • Number of layers: Up to 21 functional layers
  • Materials: High-quality, nontoxic
  • Voltage: USA power 110-120V, 120W

The Recommended Uses:

  • Grounding your body with natural therapies
  • Balancing and cleansing your chakras
  • Meditation and deep relaxation

The Guarantee:

  • Used by doctors, chiropractors, and other healthcare professionals
  • Over 500,000 satisfied customers to date
  • 45-day free trial: if aren't satisfied, get the full price of the product back
  • 1-year warranty
  • Lifetime trade-in and upgrade policy


  • Benefit from 7 well-known gemstones
  • Balance and cleanse chakra points
  • Enhance the effectiveness of Reiki therapy
  • Fully functional PEMF therapy system
  • Improve general physical, mental, and spiritual well-being
  • Low level far infrared and negative ion exposure
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Good for pets

Things to Consider:

  • Not suitable for full body therapy sessions
  • Firm surface; not flexible
  • No photon light therapy

Understanding the complex natural therapies:

The Added Benefit of PEMF:

  • While this is happening, you can use the pulsed electromagnetic field system to further your efforts of reaching enlightenment and heightening your connection with your spiritual energy. HealthyLine's PEMF emits a sinusoidal wave at a frequency of 7.83 Hz. This frequency is ideal because it is the same that planet Earth emits. Our bodies have a natural affinity for this frequency, and as a result, it elicits the most notable reaction.
  • PEMF counteracts the electrical interferences and blockages from machines you interact with every day so that your chakra energy centers remain clear of disruption and flow properly. PEMF also stimulates the pineal gland, the area of the brain that controls our circadian rhythm and production of serotonin.

Benefits for Medical Professionals:

  • For those who work in more physical fields such as massage therapy, acupuncture, or chiropractic, the Rainbow mat is ideal for improving the results of your treatment sessions.
  • With heat and PEMF working in conjunction with your professional expertise, patients will experience more relief, decreased symptoms, and better moods - all in less time.
  • You will be in the perfect state to receive their influence and be guided towards personal shifts of self-enhancement.

The Importance of Balancing Each Chakra:

Crown Chakra - Amethyst:


  • Easy to feel lost - as though you are living without a purpose or reason
  • Can lead to depression, isolation, paranoia, and other psychological issues


  • Spiritual connection to ourselves and the universe is nurtured
  • Positive flow of energy that influences the other six chakras located below
  • Improves outlook on life

Third Eye Chakra - Sodalite:


  • Ability for critical thought and judgment can be amiss
  • More prone to making bad decisions and processing information
  • Can lead to nightmares, headaches, and hallucinations


  • Brings an emotional balance that can calm panic attacks and anxiety
  • Enhances self-esteem and self-trust

Throat Chakra - Blue Lace Agate:


  • Feelings of being trapped
  • Inability to find verbal and physical expression
  • Can lead to miscommunication, nervousness, anxiety, and fear


  • Promotes honesty without the worry of judgment
  • Ability to speak your truth freely
  • Major benefit in your career and personal relationships

Heart Chakra - Green Aventurine:


  • Issues with the heart chakra may carry over to other chakras
  • Disrupts the flow of energy throughout the body
  • Promotes apathy, distrust, and feelings of hopelessness


  • Provides spiritual clarity
  • Allows you to feel compassion, connection, and empathy towards others
  • Rediscover the joys of living and find meaning in existence

Solar Plexus Chakra - Yellow Aventurine:


  • Leads to stress and indecisiveness
  • Lack of concentration and insomnia
  • Lack of appetite and digestive issues


  • Comfort in mind, body, and spirit
  • Carry yourself with confidence
  • Become resolute in the decisions you make

Sacral Chakra - Carnelian:


  • Lack of motivation and feelings of lethargy
  • Low levels of creativity, energy, and sex drive
  • Can lead to mild depression, addiction, low self-esteem, and chronic pains


  • Complete revitalization of energy
  • Feelings that your life is falling into place
  • The ability to enjoy and live in the moment

Base Chakra - Red Jasper:


  • Feelings of being trapped in your current situation
  • Unable to express emotions
  • Clinging to grief and sadness, especially following trauma


  • Massive release of internalized emotions
  • Enables the flow of energy to other chakras
  • The ability to move forward in life

Promoting better wellness with the power of nature.

HealthyLine is an FDA registered company with the world's largest selection of heated natural gemstone therapy mats. Based in New York and starting in 2013, HealthyLine quickly became the industry leader by implementing the most effective materials, combining different technologies, such as infrared (FIR), pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), negative ions, photon light, and magnetic therapy to create advanced naturally powered heating pads and devices.

PassionOur true passion is wellness and how it influences all aspects of our livelihood. We believe in the quality of life for all things, especially the environment where our therapies are founded. In 2017, a portion of our sales was used to plant tens of thousands of trees in areas in desperate need of ecosystem restoration. A healthier world means healthier people.

HealthyLine produces several new models per year and in addition to mats, we also offer heated knee pads, shoulder pads, pillows, and even energy bedding! There still is more in the works for the upcoming years. We have multiple trademarks, copyrights, and patents, an affordable business model, and unlimited growth potential.

How we do it:

  • HealthyLine started with a collaboration of doctors, inventors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs. It isn't just about creating a product and selling it-much research and thought were put into deciding what components to use together, establishing a trusted brand, and getting the cost down as low as possible without compromising quality.
  • We consult with healthcare professionals in-house and externally on the most effective and safe ways to apply the science of heated gemstone therapy. After the initial idea was conceived, we took our time to create the best factories to house production. Our mats are designed in New York and then assembled in China under our 24/7 supervision. We handle everything from the production of your mat to the shipment to your door. This isn't the end of our involvement; we are always standing by every step of the way with exceptional customer support.
  • Providing the best relief for our customers at affordable prices is important to us. We invest heavily into supplies, buying gemstones in high quantities to significantly reduce our prices. With no compromise in quality and low production costs, we take our sales and invest in more research to produce affordable new models. This cycle helps us grow exponentially.

Who we work with:

Since our goal is to get this wonderful product to as many people as possible, we have partnered with thousands of healthcare professionals around the country and worldwide that have incorporated our mats into their practices.

  • Doctors
  • Acupuncturists
  • Chiropractors
  • Reiki Masters
  • Professional Spas

How we hope to grow:

At HealthyLine, we are continuing to grow and expand on all of our initiatives. This year we will establish private grants for children's education. We will also fund clinical studies to show the effectiveness of our product in alleviating some of the most common chronic conditions. We are also establishing a showroom and network retail locations soon. We will continue to create new wellness products and as always, improve on existing models. We will work to become a household name and always strive to be the best on the market.

Enter the world of wellness with HealthyLine.

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