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Gerbing Core Heat 7V Battery Heated Fleece Gloves
Gerbing Core Heat 7V Battery Heated Fleece GlovesGerbing Core Heat 7V Battery Heated Fleece GlovesWatch Video

Gerbing Core Heat 7V Battery Heated Fleece Gloves

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Gerbing's Core Heat Fleece Gloves are the most popular battery powered gloves because they work great for virtually every outdoor activity.

Designed for everyday use, the Core Heat Fleece gloves are the perfect gloves for around town use or at the ball game. You can use them skiing, hunting or just sledding with the kids, they are very adaptable gloves that can be used for a variety of activities.


  • Two layer micro-fleece that forms to the hand for a great fit without the bulk
  • Micro-fleece fabric provides lightweight warmth and breathability
  • Perfect glove for around town or at the ball game
  • Available in smoke gray with warm red inside lining
  • This product is not designed to be used on motorcycles

Well, we believe the Core Heat Fleece gloves meet these characteristics, and then some. First of all, they are engineered with our patented Microwire heating technology that is woven throughout to provide an intense amount of heat that surrounds the hand with warmth. Secondly, they are constructed with a form-fitting lightweight microfleece that provides added warmth but without the bulk.

Why will you will love Gerbing's Fleece Gloves?

  • A. They are warm!
  • B. They aren't bulky
  • C. They are multi-purpose and can be used by everyone

Core Heat Fleece Gloves Include:

  • (1) Pair Heated Gloves
  • (2) Rechargeable Lithium Battery Packs
  • (1) Battery Charger

Approximate Heat Output and Duration:

  • 100% - 2 hours
  • 75% - 3 hours
  • 50% - 5 hours
  • 25% - 10 hours

In 1975, a motorcyclist rides to work at an aeronautical machine shop. It's frigid, wet, and blustery. The faster he goes, the colder he feels. The machine shop owner and engineer is inspired; Gerbing heated clothing is born.

For over 40 years, Gerbing has been the industry leader in developing heating technologies to overcome cold weather conditions. The Gerbing patented Microwire system is composed of thousands of conductive filaments 1/10th the thickness of a human hair. Each garment is controlled by a sophisticated power management & distribution system.

We were born from aeronautics, fueled by a passion for powersports, and engineered to keep you warm in the most frigid riding conditions.


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All of the 12-volt plug-in products in the Gerbing Heated Gear line may be used alone, or in any combination, as long as they do not exceed the maximum amperage allowed by the customer's motorcycle. Additionally, be sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Use only the Battery Harness sold by Gerbing Heated Gear.
  • Using the Battery Tender harness that may already be installed on a motorcycle is not recommended for powering Gerbing gear.
    • Note: If using the Battery Tender harness you will need to use a female adapter, and will need to confirm that the Battery Tender has the correctly rated fuse selected for your gear combination.
    • Note: By using this method, you bypass Battery Tenders built-in safety provision. If you are only using one harness, we recommend that you install a Gerbing Battery Harness and use the male adapter to charge your battery.


  • We recommend that you keep both harnesses. Install a Gerbing Battery Harness to provide power to the Gerbing gear and use the Battery Tender harness to charge your battery.
  • Gerbing Heated Gear must be used with a way to control the heat. We offer a Dual Bluetooth Controller, Dual Wireless Controller with optional remote, Single Controller, Dual Permanent Controller, and Single Permanent Controller. (See website for details on our Temperature Controllers.)
  • If Gerbing Heated Gear will be worn by both rider and passenger, install two Battery Harnesses to the battery terminals and use two controllers to control each person's gear.
  • NEVER switch on Gerbing heated gear if the motorcycle engine is turned off or running below the indicated engine speed. Damage to the gear and electrical system may occur.
  • Heated gear must be used in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and instructions.
  • Use the Gerbing 12-volt plug-in heated gear on a 12-Volt DC circuit only.

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